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Davidson Co. Senior Services in need of meal delivery volunteers

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- For some seniors, a frozen meal is their only reliable source of nutrition. Davidson County Senior Services is using frozen meals because they don't have enough volunteers to deliver hot meals.

"The seniors are getting frozen meals once a week. And if we recruited 10 to 15 more volunteers, those seniors could enjoy a hot meal daily instead of the frozen meals they are currently receiving," says Volunteer Services Coordinator Jacob Gordon.

Barbara Ally is a volunteer for Davidson County Senior Services. She spends one to two hours a month delivering meals to homebound seniors. She says volunteering is easy and anyone can do it.

"It was just something I felt like I wanted to do. A lot of volunteering needs to be done," she said.

Davidson County Senior Services is looking for volunteers for its Cotton Grove, Holly Grove, Noahtown, Pilot, Silver Valley, Southmount, Tyro and Wallburg routes. To volunteer call Davidson County Senior Services at 336-242-2290.

Senior agencies in Piedmont counties like Alamance and Rockingham counties are also looking for volunteers.


    • VerySad

      Yes, how dare these seniors imagine that they have the right to eat, after working their whole lives. Why should we go out of our way to help them, since they are no longer productive? Why don’t they just decrease the surplus population? smh.

  • Simens Danil

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