Walmart apologizes to NC mom asked to breastfeed in toilet stall


JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — A Walmart spokesperson confirmed an employee in one of its eastern North Carolina stores asked a breastfeeding mother to move to a toilet stall to feed her newborn, WNCT reports.

This comes after more than a dozen breastfeeding moms nursed in a Jacksonville Walmart on Sunday to bring attention to the incident.

Kelly Messing claims she was breastfeeding her two-week old with a cover inside the store’s bathroom. An employee reportedly came in and asked her to move into a stall and said she was making other customers uncomfortable.

The company said the employee’s actions were illegal and against company policy.

“This store did not follow our policy in this situation and we absolutely apologize to our customer for her experience,” said Walmart spokeswoman Kayla Whaling.

The incident outraged many breastfeeding moms when it became public.

Walmart says all employees go through training that includes going over company policy, and employees should be aware on the company’s stance on breastfeeding in public.


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