Report: More than 2,500 9/11 responders have cancer

9/11 Firefighters (AP Photo)

9/11 Firefighters (AP Photo)

NEW YORK — The number of 9/11 responders who have been diagnosed with cancer more than doubled this past year, according to the latest report.

The World Trade Center Health Program reported to the NY Post that 1,655 responders have been diagnosed with cancer, bringing the total to 2,518.

Cops, firefighters, EMT’s, construction workers, sanitation workers and volunteers are all included in the group of those with cancer.

There have been 1,145 claims listing cancer but only 115 claims have been awarded, according to the NY Post.

Some victims worry they won’t be compensated until after they die.

WTC epidemiologists say studies show that 9/11 workers have gotten certain cancers at a significantly higher rate than expected in the normal population — prostate, thyroid, leukemia and multiple myeloma.

Source: WPIX


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