Police investigating after shots fired in Four Seasons mall parking lot

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Police are investigating after a shooting incident outside Four Seasons Town Centre on Friday afternoon.

Police said the incident happened around 2:05 p.m. in the mall parking lot near pole FF.

Credit: Andrew Bray (WGHP)

Credit: Andrew Bray (WGHP)

Officers said multiple shots were fired between the occupants of two vehicles. Both were male. No injuries were reported.

“It was like crack, crack, crack, one after the other,” said Ashley, who was driving towards the mall when she heard the shots. “We heard 5 or 6 shots go off in this direction."

“It was like 'boom, boom, boom, boom," said Makiya Greene, who lives nearby.

One car was described as a dark-colored SUV and the other as a silver or white vehicle. Police are searching for two men connected to the incident.

Several people inside the mall told WGHP the mall was on lockdown, however police said the mall was never placed on lockdown.

Police are interviewing witnesses. The investigation is ongoing.

No other information is available at this time.



  • Bulldog

    I won’t even go to this mall anymore, too many “thugs” are there, I have a friend that is a Greensboro LEO and he has told me to stay away from themall and the area the mall is in.

  • jimtom

    that place has become a gang land. nothing but trash and loosers in there spending the free welfare and drug money

  • amazedatthenews

    I know guys that used to do security there, The mall has its problems for sure, especially the parking lot. Go figure, the mall is POSTED as a GUN FREE ZONE. Too bad criminals cant read the signs or dont care. I would shop elsewhere.

      • victoria hawkins

        Lol, i had to pause on that one to,ms 726lady, ive never seen no gun zone signs or thugs hangn around n the parkn lot and a bunch of commosion, sooo…

  • Hans Solo

    I don’t go anywhere outside of my house in Greensboro without my gun strapped to my waist. These people have no respect for other peoples lives. Worse than that the Greensboro police don’t do anything to try and catch them. The police we have in Greensboro are the most over paid, under worked in the state bar none! I bet if they would’ve been speeding or not wearing a seat belt the police would’ve been all over their tail ends, but unfortunately catching criminals that commit crimes that actually impact others doesn’t create revenue.

      • Hans Solo

        My home in Pleasant Garden is actually under going a remodel so I’m living here for right now. I carry a gun everywhere I go even when I’m back at home I carry. This day in age if you don’t carry a gun you’re just an idiot or irresponsible and show carelessness of their families safety in my opinion. We have armed guards at banks and jewelry stores why shouldn’t I have one to protect my life. How can a people wake up everyday reading stuff like this and not want the ability to protect themselves and their family. I’m only here ( in the greensboro/ high point road area )temporarily but my gun is just something that isn’t coming off my hip anywhere I go legal or not.

    • WeBuiltThisCountry

      I’ll take your and beat the $hit out of you with it.People kill me talking all that I carry a gun $hit.So what pu$$!

      • Hans Solo

        You more than welcome to come to krav maga us in Winston on any Tuesday or Thursday and take a try with a dummy gun. Not everyone who carries a gun does it because they can’t fight with their hands they do it because you don’t chance bringing your hands to gun fight. I’ve got more training with a my gun than a lot of the military infantry, and police same goes for self defense training. So put your money where you mouth is tough guy.

      • WeBuiltThisCountry

        I wasn’t even talking to u,but since u want to ride Hans nu$$s you can get dealt with too pu$$!Let’s meet up?

      • Hans Solo

        That’s perfectly fine with me come up the training facility in Winston sign a waiver and take my dummy gun it’ll be easy just grab it and start beating me with it.

  • Rabbitt

    Wait!! the City is going to change the name of High Point Rd/ Lee St then everything will calm down!!

  • Eagle275

    Greensboro has become a cesspool of thugs and doing nothing only encourages these cockroaches. It’s a liberal utopia. Carry the boom-stick of your choice, your life may depend on it.

  • new generation

    I hate that people keep saying all that is left in Greensboro is thugs . What do you consider thugs ? Young black men that sag their pants ? People with tattoos ? Big rims ? I happen to fall under all threecategories . But I’m also a college student , 20 with a job and my own place . Dont be so quick to assume .

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