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Overjoyed dog passes out when girl returns home after two years

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An overjoyed dog fainted when he was reunited with a family member after two years.

In the YouTube video description, Rebecca Ehalt wrote it had been two years since she had been home. She noted, “which in fairness is 14 years in dog years.

Ehalt said she took the schnauzer to a veterinarian where he was checked out. “Everything is fine,” she wrote.

Editor’s note: Loud video warning. You have been warned. :)


  • Whocares

    Well..I did enjoy the vid until I made the mistake of reading the comments. When will I learn?!

  • Gluebucket

    I hate to be a killjoy but I have to agree with those saying that this is an issue. I had a miniature schnauzer who started doing this exact thing a little over a month ago and he passed away just over a week ago. His back legs kept locking up on him and he started not being able to control himself, much like the dog in this video. It’s sad but true.

  • Kim

    So we should believe that the dog is ok because it says so on the internet, because everything we read on the internet HAS to be true, right????
    I thought it looked like the dog was having a seizure as well, long before I saw any comments that seem to agree. That’s just MY opinion and we are all entitled to have one.

  • sueob

    Sometimes what can happen is when a dog is aged, 14 yes like this sweet pooch, the heart starts to fail and lungs slowly loose the capacity they once had. Therefore fainting can occur in situations like excitement or high activitiy, resulting in a faint. After careful examination a vet will decide whether or not to prescribe heart meds and lascix, the latter will help to dispell excess fluid from heart/ lung areas. A tell tale sign of said fluid problem is a wet dripping nose or an increased level of sneezing.
    However, this is the most beautiful video, thanks….I love dogs.

  • Emme

    My dog had multiple seizures a day before passing. That looked like a minor seizure. That noise and flopping around. Prob brought on by excitement and not a serious condition.

  • John Liggett

    Makes a big ole grown man go awwwww. Heartwarming video of canine love and devotion. Of course I’d do as these folks did and make take her to a vet just to make sure but for all the “expert” commentators on here that seem sure the dog is on it’s last legs and approaching it’s imminent demise. I don’t know, I’m no expert but excitement is excitement and surely not all humans that faint die nor do the notorious fainting goats. How about you just enjoy the moment?… just sayin’…

  • Jordan Atlow

    Its called cataplexy. Usually triggered by a strong emotion, in the dogs case overwhelmingly happiness. The muscles go numb for a few seconds at a time. This symptom usually occurs in people with narcolepsy. And coincidentally neurologists found similar effects in dogs and squirrels. So it could be possible your dog has narcolepsy lol. Being that I have narcolepsy, that would be the perfect dog for me lol

  • Mike Smith

    My feamale schauzer ms. Snipper is the sameway if I’m gone for just several hours! She is the love of my life!!! Great video!!!

  • jrf

    It’s sweet to think this dog is “fainting for joy,” but given the breed and the appearance of the event on the video, I’d be extremely suspicious of a heart arrythmia caused by a condition called “sick sinus syndrome.” This disease causes transient episodes of syncope (fainting) and is most commonly seen in Schnauzers. Seizure and syncope can be hard to distinguish by watching, but a dog who has a seizure is rarely normal again this quickly. This dog should be examined by a cardiologist, if at all possible….

  • desi8107

    so awesome! my sister came running into the room because she thought one of our dogs was hurt! she was freaking out! What a touching scene!

  • MJL

    My dog lived to be 13 years old and had seizures since she was two. That was not a seizure. My dog would fall on her back, her eyes would roll behind her head and she began to shake uncontrollably for 10 minutes or so. When she came to, she was limp and exhausted. It would take her a good hour to get back to normal. I saw nothing like this happening to this over-excited little pup.

  • Barbara richardson

    Wow. It’s amazing how non vets can diagnose an animal only from looking at a video. The lady said he was taken to a vet to be checked out. Evidently it concerned her and this had never happened before. I also have a schnauzer and he is all over me when I come in from being at work all day. She being gone for 2 years was a shock to him. These dogs are very loyal and is the closest thing to a human as you can imagine.

  • Bodarious

    Anyone who thinks this was a seizure is simply stupid. Pure and simple. The dog fainted from being too excited and then kicked it’s legs around because it passed out and was trying to stand back up. Then the dog was confused because it had just passed out. Far too many idiots in the world these days who think everything has to be a big fucking catastrophe.

  • kendra

    All you judgmental people are just sad. Get off soapboxes every one of you have nothing but negative hate in your hearts are the reason our world is as bad as it is. That hate is being taught to your kids whether you mean to or not. Clearly these people lived this dog deeply and don’t you think if the outcome of this episode was anything bad they would not have posted the video in the first place. they added the sentence she went to the vet for a reason for people like you today if the vet gave him the bad news I guarantee it they would not have posted this videodog seizures just like people seizures come in many forms and fashions never two the same coming from someone that has epilepsy.

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