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Man accused of reporting ‘murder’ to 911 to get out of speeding ticket

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MELBOURNE, Fla. — Florida police say a man called 911 to report a possible murder in progress as he was being pulled over.

Dispatchers on the 911 lines took the frantic phone call.

“There is a murder that’s going to happen, I swear, on Wingate, on Wingate, on Wingate and Wickham. No, on Wingate and Hollywood. Definitely someone going to get shot. Please, please, Wingate and Hollywood. Please,” the man said.

Julius Lupowitz

Julius Lupowitz

When the line went dead, every available officer went to that intersection in West Melbourne, Fla. The caller called back.

“I swear, there’s going to be a murder any second. There’s a man and a gun. Please,” the caller said.

Again, the caller hung up. Dispatchers looked for any information they could get and got the caller’s name.

That name was Julius Lupowitz, and it just so happened that at that same moment, Lupowitz was getting a speeding ticket up the street from the reported intersection.

Police believe that while the officer’s back was turned, Lupowitz made the phony murder phone calls.

“It almost worked,” West Melbourne, FL Police Lt. Rich Cordeau said. “The officer was trying to wrap up quickly to respond.”

But when dispatchers broadcast Lupowitz’s name over the police radio, the officer who was writing the ticket realized what was happening and nailed him.

“When you take a phony incident, and you take those dispatches away from the ability to answer those calls that could put somebody that has a real emergency in danger,” Cordeau said.

Now, instead of a $200 traffic ticket, Lupowitz faces a felony charge that carries a maximum 5-year prison term.

Source: WESH/CNN



    Police radar traps in that area of Melbourne, Florida were purposely placed on Henry St & Wingate. Many daily drivers, frustrated because of street construction on Hollywood Ave between these two roads are ticketed for speeding. Because folks of this neighborhood must travel around the blocked zone they are subject to excessive police radar traps awaiting a naturally high percent that drive over that 30 MPH limit. In short the Melbourne Police Dept has a heyday with upset neighbors here needing to travel around this blocked street. Traps were purposely set there for collecting big fines from otherwise innocent neighbors submitted hourly because Police expect them to drive a little quicker there. More traps are present there during hours when these citizens go to work or come home for dinner time. This is another example of unethical traffic Police practices taking advantage of generally innocent, safe drivers. Julius Lupowitz acted out of his own defense calling 911 to give these unjustified cops something better to do than take advantage of normal citizens. Why was Mr. Lupowitz right? Because he as most citizens of Melbourne, Florida was mostly within reason in a neighborhood with no abnormal or excessive accidents & no crimes to speak of, especially murders. Overall this was & is a safe community with minimal crimes or driving accidents; so why must there be abundant Police presence wasting tax dollars or speed traps on safe roads with minimal or no accidents? Exactly! They’re not needed; that’s obviously Lupowitz’ point!

    • j r nance (@rnance1950)

      My question is: if the People that Live in that Area Already KNOW there are Speed Traps set up specifically to catch Speeders then Why do they speed, maybe if they left their Home about 15 minutes Earlier then usual they could drive the Speed Limit the way they are supposed to & still get to work on time plus if they get caught for speeding & they already KNOW speed traps are there then they Deserve their fate & really can’t fault anybody but their Stupid selves not the Police….

  • Mark Stabler

    Suppose their had been a shooting or murder in progress just a block away from that officer. Which would have been more important, the ticket or responding to that call. He already had the individuals name and drivers license so he could have issued the ticket or made an arrest later. If some innocent person had been shot, which was more important?

  • a man

    Yeah it was a pretty stupid move. however the police even said he almost got away with it. Now watch how many more follow those same footsteps. In all honesty it was a pretty good idea until it doesn’t work. only getting caught and paying the penalty for it makes it stupid.

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