Jeremy Mayfield back racing again

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ALTAMAHAW, N.C. -- Over the years only a handful of drivers have been suspended or banned under NASCAR's drug testing policy. Jeremy Mayfield is maybe the biggest name in the group.

He is still banned because he maintains he did nothing wrong and refuses to go through NASCAR's drug recovery program, but he is racing again in a start-up modified series that recently was at the Ace Speedway near Burlington.


  • H. Wheeler

    If your name & reputation ever gets trashed, whether based on fact or fiction, let’s hope others treat you the way you should be treated, not as you’ve treated Jeremy. Why not simply wish him well & pray for him instead of tear him down? Judge not!

  • Corey

    Wow the comments! Take time and meet the guy and you’ll see what’s really what. If you think NASCAR isn’t crooked enough to pull something like they did the shade are well over your eyes

  • Gavin Dyer

    Go to J2Mayfield wand watch the 2 videos showing his side of the story. Why admit something if you didn’t do it? Unless you all have multiple orgasms everytime you watch NASCAR and believe they do no wrong – dream on….

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