High Point teens arrested in connection with Craigslist robberies

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Thomas Elijah Gorham Timothy Shalom Gorham, Jr. Cheavez Ajee Clapp and Ahmad Yashu-a Muhammad, all 17 and of High Point.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Four Guilford County teens have been arrested in connection with three robberies from people who were selling items on Craigslist earlier this month.

Cheavez Ajee Clapp, Timothy Shalom Gorham, Thomas Elijah Gorham and Ahmad Yashu-a Muhammad, all 17 and of High Point, face charges in connection to the alleged incident.

Police said the first case the suspects are connected to occurred on July 2 when they allegedly stole an iPhone for sale by a 64-year-old Fox Hollow Road resident.

As the victim’s son was attempting the sale, one occupant of the vehicle grabbed the phone as the driver accelerated, according to police.

The next incident occurred on July 8th when they met a woman selling a cell phone at the Bank of America at 2105 Pinecroft Road.

Police said the woman was dragged about 20 feet when she refused to let go of the phone after the passenger grabbed it and the driver sped off.

The third crime occurred in the parking lot of the McDonald’s at High Point and Holden roads on July 10. In this incident, police said the “buyer” asked the seller for the phone in order to charge it. After obtaining the phone, the teens drove off.

Thomas Gorham and Muhammad remain confined in the Greensboro Jail Central on $15,000 secured bonds. Timothy Gorham and Clapp were released to the custody of their parents.


  • FaithC

    A bunch of fancy names for common street thugs. They will do a couple of months in jail and then they will be out to do it, or worse, all over again.

  • killercam556

    wish them fuckers try that shit with me I always have a 223 556 and or the ar 10 308 nato rounds

  • Ken

    Why don’t be a real man (or woman or whatever you are) and use your real name when you make those little racist comments? Big and bad in front of a computer but I bet your lips are glued tightly together if you were to come across these idiots.

  • alex

    It’s kinda funny cause about 3 months ago Tim and Tom met one of my buddy’s at omega sports on main street and stole a 200 dollar pair of shoes. it’s sad that I played football with them too and they haven’t changed a bit. One of them was caught steeling 100 dollars out of a teamates wallet, even though I was an upper classman I figured theses guys would grow up.. seems like they still haven’t. There parents should leave them in jail so they can learn the hard way.

    • JayP

      I agree this is one of the reasons i’m scared to get stuff off craigslist …. I think they should shut the website down its wayyy to many ppl that’s getting hurt or their life taking …. smh

  • Deborah Roll

    If the boys are brothers, why did mamma only get one of them out? So sad to see a parent continue to cover for what they raised. ( or didn’t bother to raise). Notice these BOYS are always running away-

  • Lauren

    So sad Tim and Thomas went to the same high school as me, they use to be sweet kids and then they got involved with losers! I hope they learn there lesson.

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