Greensboro out of the running for a new Stone Brewery location

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Stone Brewery has eliminated North and South Carolina from consideration as possible locations for a big time brewery, meaning Greensboro is out of the question.

Mayor Nancy Vaughan confirmed Friday that the brewery will not be opening a location in Greensboro.

Vaughan said the decision was a geographic one, not necessarily something the city didn't offer or recruitment concern.

"When they do look to expand in the Southeast in the future, I believe Greensboro will be in a very good position," she added.

Stone Brewing Company is searching for a 15-acre spot to build a restaurant, a brewery, a distribution center, as well as a retail center. The company is expecting to add 328 jobs over three years.

Greensboro city officials said the company is also looking at Richmond, Va., Norfolk, Va. and Cincinnati, Ohio.


  • Glockmeister

    I wouldn’t start a business is this violent city, either. Many better, safer and business-friendly choices out there.

  • Stone was smart

    Excellent. Two months ago I sent Stone an email listing all the pros and cons about relocating to Greensboro. The list was top heavy in one category, guess which?

  • Citywide54

    You people must not travel much. Greensboro is a nice, (relatively) peaceful mid-sized city. Yes, taxes are too night for the southeast, but that has nothing to so with public safety.

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