Fort Bragg troops deploy after multiple delays



FT. BRAGG, N.C. — Dozens of Fort Bragg paratroopers who were supposed to leave North Carolina last week finally deployed Thursday after weather put their departure on hold multiple times.

The troopers are a helicopter medevac unit, and part of the 82nd Aviation Combat Brigade. In Afghanistan, they will be on call 24/7 to rescue injured or wounded soldiers many time from combat zones.

Soldiers and families tell WTVD thatĀ having to say goodbye four times in one week has been emotional.

“They get harder because you are still leaving your family what not and, they get easier, you get to used to what you have learned, at that point you can help others out that haven’t,” said Sgt. Woodrow Wilson, who is a medic.

For many of the air ambulance crews, this is their second or third deployment. They are expected to stay in Afghanistan about nine months. Another 1,700 or so are expected to leave in the fall.

Source: WTVD

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