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Abortion rights activists deliver broken cookies to Gov. McCrory

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Activists delivered broken cookies to the Governor's Mansion Thursday to mark the upcoming anniversary of a controversial abortion law. (WTVD-TV)

RALEIGH, N.C. — NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina members delivered a box of broken cookies to the Governor’s Mansion Thursday morning to mark the upcoming anniversary of the controversial abortion law, according to WTVD-TV.

The women’s reproductive rights group said the gesture is a symbol of Gov. McCrory’s broken campaign promises not to support restrictions on access to abortion care.

“The Governor has said that this law doesn’t do anything to restrict access to abortion care, and that’s just not true, ” said Suzanne Buckley, NARAL Pro-Choice NC, Exec. Director.

Last July, Gov. McCrory signed into law Senate Bill 353.

One day later, he delivered a plate of cookies to angry protesters rallying against the move outside his residence.

“He broke that promise, and then he came out and, what is confusing at best, it sounds like sort of a consolation prize,” said Buckley.

The law stopped government insurance plans from paying for abortions and allows healthcare providers to opt-out of performing the procedure if it’s against their beliefs.
It also requires abortion clinics to meet new NC DHHS standards similar to surgical centers.
So far, those rules haven’t been put into place. There is no deadline.

Gov. McCrory’s communication staff provided a written response to Thursday’s event.

“The law directed DHHS to write new standards or “restrictions” as this group might like to say. Nothing has been implemented. This group seems more interested in playing politics than anything,” said a staffer.

The law’s supporters argue it does not restrict access, but protects women.

“Broken cookies is a silly stunt, and it distracts from the real issue which is protecting unborn lives and protecting women’s health, making it safer for women if they do chose to get an abortion,” said Tami Fitzgerad, NC Values Coalition, Exec. Dir.

Abortion rights supporters are still in the dark about what will be included in the new NC DHHS regulations, but Buckley says she’s encouraged the rules will be created by health officials instead of lawmakers.

“We’ll be working for probably many, many years to try to undo the damage that Gov. McCrory did by signing this law, and this rule-making process is an opportunity for him to keep politics out of women’s healthcare,” said Buckley.


  • Dirty Dick

    Nice job! Good way to mold these young girls minds. Giving them an excuse, “oh I can lay down and get pregnant and it’s morally acceptable to kill the baby since I really don’t want it.” Meanwhile I have a social life and a baby will just interfere with that. And lastly with a baby how am I going to afford that new iPhone? Wake up America these pro choice idiots are destroying us!

    • itsmyopinion

      You are an IDIOT. It is people like you that try to run other peoples lives that are ruining this country. Mind your own business. So when a woman gets raped she should be forced to keep the child?? I will pray for you, you need it!

      • Jeanie Nelson

        I myself will set my face against him and will cut him off from his people; for by sacrificing his children to Molek, he has defiled my sanctuary and profaned my holy name.

      • itsmyopinion

        I think that all of you should MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Tend to your own lives. A woman who has an abortion is the one that has to answer for her actions not all you Judgemental pricks.

    • Really?

      There are plenty of single mothers who have become pregnant and still been able to be very successful. so that being said, I have a question for you. What about the married couple that has been trying for years upon years to receive the gift of life? If all girls were to get abortions, there would be no children to adopt. Even in the worst decisions, there is always an outcome. in my personal opinion, every gift of life is a special gift from God. Even when that gift is not expected.

      • SammRyuzaki

        There are plenty of single mothers who were able to be successful. There has also been a lot of single mothers struggling to raise that child. Why do people use the argument if all girls were to get abortions? Not all women are going to stop having abortions. And even if they were to, why should it be their burden to carry the future child for those unfortunate couples who aren’t able to conceive. They should have the choice of deciding what they want to do with their bodies. It shouldn’t be up to anyone else. Your religious and personal views shouldn’t decide the future of other women.

    • wanda

      I so agree with you abortion is murder. If they are mind enough to lay down and get pregnant then they need to take care of it by raising the child. If they are rapped yeah they say it’s hard to accept your carrying a life inside of you from a bad thing but they need to carry it anyways and put it up for adoption. I know so many women out there that can not get pregnant and that’s all they want is a baby to call their own. I give you mad props for this post.

      • BlametheGirl

        Have you had any children, Wanda? If so, do you remember the joy you felt when the baby “fluttered” in your belly? Do you remember going out and buying tiny clothes, and painting up a room to welcome home your much-loved child? Do you remember the support and care you received from your husband/significant other? Do you remember when you went through the hours of labor, and they finally laid that precious child on your chest, and you instantly fell in love? Perhaps you even recalled, while you were pregnant, the time when your baby was conceived, an act of love with someone you shared a committed relationship with….. change all that around, and picture a violent act, committed by someone upon you, someone who only wants to exert power over you, someone who causes you physical, emotional, and mental anguish… picture carrying that child for 9 months, placing your hand over your womb and wondering if you are carrying a potentially violent human being, conceived in an act filled with hate and violence. When you vomit from morning sickness, there is no husband there to hold back your hair and wipe your brow. When you cry out in pain of labor, there is no husband there to hold your hand….. for you to just blithely say “she needs to carry it anyhow”, you are glossing over the agony of the act itself, and the 9 months to follow….. I feel bad for the women who want babies and can’t have them. However, it is not the job of a raped young woman to carry a baby for her.

    • itsmyopinion

      What about the Mother? Every situation is different. You or no one else has the right to judge another persons decision. This is WHY people need to mind their own business.

      • SelfishDeath

        So if I kill somebody cause they are an inconvenience, or they remind me of a tragic situation, then I shouldn’t be held accountable for making that decision cause others should be minding their own business? Its not about broken promises or adoption. It’s about taking a human life.

      • Dirty Dick

        “Itsmyopinion” you’d be the person that would abort an innocent baby at the drop of a hat. You need to change your name to arrogant asse!!

      • itsmyopinion

        I love how people are placing all the blame on the girls/women and none on the men who chose to lay down with the girl who spread her legs open. “Joust” I will pray for you also. You are no one to judge others. I am not for abortions, but I like to mind my own business and if that is what the woman chooses to do she is the one that has to answer for it not me.

  • Doc Bennett

    So if I understand this a group of, what I can only assume is unattached young ladies, got together and baked a bunch of cookies. Called their liberal friend at the TV station and tried to deliver broken cookies to the governor . “Look at us look at us!” And next they will be protesting the death penalty.

  • BlametheGirl

    JRNance, Really?, and Dirty Dick– All of your ignorant assumptions about me are incorrect. I am a 46 year old wife and mother. I don’t have a problem with self esteem. I’m not naive (lol to that one!) and no problems with insecurity, either. (Not sure what that has to do with responding the way I did, to a guy who brags about his Dirty “member”.) And no, I don’t work at a fast food joint; not that I have a problem with people who do work there. I am simply fed up and disgusted with “Dirty Dick”-type men who use their power and influence to subjugate and use women, and then toss the women aside to suffer the consequences. No, Dirty Dick, I wouldn’t believe you if you offered me a Mercedes and a mansion; I probably wouldn’t even glance in your direction, truth be told. However, if I was a young girl raised in poverty, or without an education, and a young man turned my head with his promises of a home and a family, and a white picket fence, and hot cocoa by the fireplace in the evening, and visits with Grandma on Sundays, etc., I might feel that I loved him and trusted him enough to give myself to him…… and would then be rewarded with a baby to take care of, and no way out of my poverty and lack of education. For those who are commenting about women who want babies and can’t have them; it is not the responsibility of young women who find themselves pregnant, to provide you with what you so strongly desire. I understand the desire, and do not condemn it, but other people should not have to bear the burden for your dream coming true. Bottom line is, I believe that we have no way of knowing the circumstances some women find themselves in; if they must make the difficult decision to abort, it is not our business, and we should mind our own.

  • sinner 3

    The broad gets pregnant HER problem no COURTS no Lawyers HER problem !! What the woman says goes !!

    • Dirty Dick

      It’s so nice how it’s a woman’s right to choose!!!!!!! Who gives the baby a choice NO one. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Blamethegirl.

  • BlametheGirl

    Fox8, can you tell me why my original post was deleted? I didn’t make any rude comments, or call any names, unlike many that I see here. Please explain.

    • BlametheGirl

      Oh, I see now that it was not deleted, it’s just awaiting moderation. I suppose someone reported it, simply because they didn’t agree with me? That’s not the way to be, people. If you don’t agree, simply have a discussion about it.

  • BlametheGirl

    Fox8, I would like to know why my comment was removed. I see people on here making racist statements all the time, calling names, using off-color language, being incendiary, etc. I made a simple statement about how it is not all the girl’s responsibility if she ends up pregnant, and the boy leaves her, and she then has no way to achieve her goals in life. Please tell me what was wrong with my statement. Thank you.

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