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Walmart announces discount program for teachers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Note: This story was published in 2014.

Walmart announced this week a new discount program for teachers purchasing school supplies.

The retail giant announced Teacher Appreciation Week will be held July 25-31. Teachers will receive a 10-percent discount/rebate on classroom supplies purchased during that week.

Here’s how it works:

– Teachers shop at Walmart for classroom supplies
– Teachers can visit by August 15 and register their receipts
– 10 percent savings on eligible items from select departments will be delivered on an eGift card via email

“On average, teachers around the country spend about $1,000 readying their classrooms, and half of that comes from reaching into their own wallets to make sure students have what they need,” Walmart executive vice president Steve Bratspies said in a statement.

The deal does not apply to purchases. For complete terms and conditions, visit


  • Working hard teacher

    Because I buy ALL supplies for my students…paper, notebooks, pencils, crayons, glue. 25 of each of those adds up. That’s why us whiney teachers need it,

  • Marie

    That’s the best Walmart can do? That’s the compensation Walmart wants to pay to advertise to a captured audience? Are you kidding me? We are teachers…do we really look that stupid Walmart? Thanks but no thanks Walmart. I’ll take my business to Staples where I will get a discount and free stuff for my class!

  • Salina

    Shame on you! ^. At least Walmart is giving something. Yes, we are teachers and we spend a tremendous amount of our own money on school supplies; but since when is it ok to not be appreciative? It is not ok to be rude and hateful to someone giving a little back. So what’s it’s only 10% at least it’s something! Try being greatful!

    • Marie Hooke

      Not unappreciative at all. Just saying Walmart could be more generous than that. This is a marketing tool at it’s best. Compared to what comps I can get from other local suppliers for school needs and activities because of loyalty throughout the year I can beat a 10% discount any day of the week. It’s not about a 10% discount…it’s about the long term bottom dollar savings that matter to me. Yes, Staples is only 5% discount, insignificant, but they also donate free stuff, coupons and support other activities throughout the year…that to me makes it worth than a 10% one time discount. Sorry.

  • Terri

    Um Staples offers 5%, Walmart offers 10%. :| Mkay

    I think it is a nice gesture of Walmart, however, it is discriminatory. Either it is offered to ALL teachers or not at all. I do hope Walmart reconsiders their program to open it to all teachers.

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