Mother accused of stealing infant son’s ashes

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Raisa Gonzalez

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A woman accused of stealing the ashes of her 7-month-old son faced a judge on Wednesday.

Raisa Gonzalez, 21, was arrested at the Mohegan Sun Casino on July 13.

She appeared in court around 10 a.m. in Bridgeport where she was given another court date. Her boyfriend, 23-year-old Edwards Santos, was there as well.

Police said she and Santos stole an urn of ashes from the Luz de Paz Funeral Home in Bridgeport back in March. Gonzalez’s son died in Puerto Rico on Oct. 21, 2013.

Surveillance captured them taking the urn from the building on East Washington Avenue in Bridgeport.

The couple owed a balance of just under $800 to the funeral home.

Gonzalez and Santos were caught in one of the casino’s parking garages. She was charged with interfering with police after a fight with Santos in the garage. Santos fled, but was quickly arrested.

The mother was also charged with fifth-degree conspiracy to commit larceny in connection with the urn theft.

Eyewitness News attempted to contact Gonzalez last week, but she lied to the station about who she was.

Source: WFSB/CNN


  • Me

    DUMBA@@…. Can you not see the anguish in this womans face. She needs closure !!!!! She may not have the means to finish paying. Why don’t you try to sell your wack a@@ comments and donate the proceeds since you always have to comment on specific things…. EXCEPT the news feeds we never see you comment about….

  • FaithC

    Did the couple and the funeral home sit down and try to wok this out? Is it, they truly could not pay, or they just decided not to.

  • A working parent

    This is heartbreaking. I could not imagine this mothers grief. She needed closure and probably could not afford to finish paying for it. I hope that she gets out of this.

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