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Greensboro to condemn, close Heritage House on July 30

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- It will be water, lights and people out of the Heritage House condominium complex on July 30.

The City of Greensboro has announced it plans to the transition residents out of the troubled building due to an outstanding water bill. The city won’t comment on how much is owed but say the bill started building about 10 months ago.

The Heritage House Housing Association has also fallen into a past due situation with Duke Energy.

Without power or water, the city said the building is no longer livable.

The news leaves some at the complex wondering where many of their neighbors will be living next.

“I feel good they're shutting it down, but I'd feel better if they had somewhere to go,” said Nathan Murray.

The city is encouraging residents in need of a new place to live to contact the Greensboro Housing Commission or the New Jerusalem Center for affordable housing options.

Property owners with rentals below $600 per month are also being encouraged to contact those groups as well with a shortage of housing anticipated.

Organizations like the Barnabas Network are anticipating a spike in demand for used furniture and household items. They’re encouraging people who want to help those in need to donate items like beds and dressers because of low supply.

Barnabas leaders said it’s hard to estimate how many people in search of a new home will seek out the group for help.

It was reported that residents in 100 units are getting help finding a new home. Some have found places, others have moved without telling anyone.

The city said it will be ready with temporary shelters and transportation to those shelters to make sure no one is forced out with nowhere to go but the streets.

“That's not going to happen the day we take action,” said Chris Wilson, Interim Assistant City Manager for the City of Greensboro.

In June, city inspectors did a building-wide inspection and found more than 830 housing code violations. Problems included broken smoke detectors, roach and bedbug infestations and animal feces on the floors. The city said the infractions were not enough to condemn the building.

Heritage House has also been a spot of continuous complaints about drugs and other criminal activity. Police and emergency workers visited the complex 2,860 times from June 2013 to June 2014.




  • Kennith Thomas

    The residents are not worried about this. The know that the city will step in forgive the water bill, pay off the power bill and give them hundreds of thousands to fix the place up. Greensboro doesn’t want to be top national news story for evicting these helpless people. Just wait and see.

  • American Hero

    Just wait, the tax payers will end up paying for the bills and clean-up of this place and then it will be re-opened for all to come trash it all again. The sad story about all of it is this – the people living there cannot even take care of themselves, so the same issue will continue to happen until they demolish this building and sell the land for a parking lot or something….or maybe they can use the building for additional housing for inmates! That would work since half the people that live there probably are on the run from the law and have warrants anyways. Trash the dump and demolishing it is the only way to save all us taxpaying citizens….we pay enough for the people who live there, so I really do not want to pay to fix it up every so many years to just start over again and again.

    • Iama Retiree

      @ AMERICAN HERO – Afraid not this time — City is determined to shut this place down and it really can’t be soon enough ! Just like the two other places that used to be in that area — City wanted them gone and they are now vacant lots ….

  • Iama Retiree

    Poor “Jennifer” gonna lose her investment in that place – City of Greensboro not going to reimburse anyone so stupid as to invest in this hello fuzzy hole. It couldn’t happen to a better person ! You can now sit back in your “supposed $700,000” house and laugh at the fools who paid you money and you took advantage of them. Of course, I do not believe for one minute that you are an “attorney” or that you live in a “$700,000 house”. That would be like me saying I live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC — We all know that is where Obama is squatting …… Really, truth be known, you are living in Section 8 housing. Even got on here not long ago and said you were having a “family” crisis and you wanted Fox 8 to make me stop telling the truth about you in my comments.
    “Attorneys” learn how to deal with crisis situation and not get on a public blog about it. I guess folks will do anything to garner a little attention !

  • Martinez de Pasqually

    I can only state that if Greensboro city council can give a million and a half dollars to the museum with no paperwork or intention of the money coming back to the taxpayers ! Surely at least one million could be spent to make a safe clean place for these people to live !!

    • Nail smashed!!!

      If 1 million was to be spent to clean this sh*t hole up, it would only take about a year to bring it back to this condition. It is not about cleaning up property but about cleaning up the people. Drugs are a huge issue and need to be dealt with. Giving addicts a clean place to deal drugs and to get high is a mistake. They will only trash it as well as users who come to buy the drugs from this sh*t hole!!! Use ya brain bia

  • FaithC

    Cleaning this place up will not stop the crime. Drug dealers go where the customers are.
    As for things like the trash and bugs…that is done by the residents. They need to get off their lazy a*sses and keep their place clean. They don’t build slums…people make a place into one.

  • Bennie

    I like it when they say “there is trash in the halls, Well stop yacking on your Obama phone and go clean it up!! one of you outstanding people put it there!!

    • Nail smashed!!!

      Love it!!! Never ever heard anyone but my daddy call it an Obama phone. And oh how true your statement is. I use to be an addict, still am, but I stopped using and wow how I see all I was doing and so much more in this situation right here. Glad to be clean cleaning up my own sh*t and all

  • Dave

    I live there , I own my own unit and there isn’t any problems with it. In 2007 it wasn’t a bad place and it was all I could afford. I paid my dues and all. the problem is with the landlords that quit. There tenants quit paying rent and they in turn finally quit paying dues. Most just walked away and washed their hands of the situation. That is why Heritage House is out of control.

    • Nail smashed!!!

      How do you own your hint just by paying bills? I pay rent every month but yet I don’t own it. And just bc ur “all good” does not mean everyone else is. That place is sh*t. From what I saw in the news, I am disgusted and in awe like how can people walk through halls that look like this that smell like this?!!?!!!?! Over 3/4 of the place is a sh*t hole so how can your place be that much better??? Smells drift, people walk pat your door constantly, bed bugs, all bugs, move around the entire place so how is your place “good”?

  • Malcolm R. Blue esg

    There is room in my trailer for a few of you guys as long as you are willing to be a redneck.

    • sinner with kids/every1 sins

      Sinner 3 misses somewhere for “me and my kids”??? If u r a true sinner then let them kids have a good life!!!!! I use to be te worst addict and knew it so I have my son up for adoption and now I have a house a beautiful family 3 kids and everyone is soo happy. Not all te time but sometimes but that’s how life is. So sinner 3 wake up and don’t be satisfied with a second home for your kids. Home is where the heart is, have 1 heart have 1 home but that does not mean family cannot be involved. A mom does not need multiple homes for her kids. How detrimental that can be. Prayers to u!!! And ur kids

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