Greensboro to condemn, close Heritage House on July 30

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It will be water, lights and people out of the Heritage House condominium complex on July 30.

The City of Greensboro has announced it plans to the transition residents out of the troubled building due to an outstanding water bill. The city won’t comment on how much is owed but say the bill started building about 10 months ago.

The Heritage House Housing Association has also fallen into a past due situation with Duke Energy.

Without power or water, the city said the building is no longer livable.

The news leaves some at the complex wondering where many of their neighbors will be living next.

“I feel good they’re shutting it down, but I’d feel better if they had somewhere to go,” said Nathan Murray.

The city is encouraging residents in need of a new place to live to contact the Greensboro Housing Commission or the New Jerusalem Center for affordable housing options.

Property owners with rentals below $600 per month are also being encouraged to contact those groups as well with a shortage of housing anticipated.

Organizations like the Barnabas Network are anticipating a spike in demand for used furniture and household items. They’re encouraging people who want to help those in need to donate items like beds and dressers because of low supply.

Barnabas leaders said it’s hard to estimate how many people in search of a new home will seek out the group for help.

It was reported that residents in 100 units are getting help finding a new home. Some have found places, others have moved without telling anyone.

The city said it will be ready with temporary shelters and transportation to those shelters to make sure no one is forced out with nowhere to go but the streets.

“That’s not going to happen the day we take action,” said Chris Wilson, Interim Assistant City Manager for the City of Greensboro.

In June, city inspectors did a building-wide inspection and found more than 830 housing code violations. Problems included broken smoke detectors, roach and bedbug infestations and animal feces on the floors. The city said the infractions were not enough to condemn the building.

Heritage House has also been a spot of continuous complaints about drugs and other criminal activity. Police and emergency workers visited the complex 2,860 times from June 2013 to June 2014.




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