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Forsyth Co. deputies accuse man of torturing, killing dog

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GERMANTON, N.C. -- Forsyth County deputies say they have arrested the man responsible for torturing and killing an Australian shepherd named Scottie on April 5.

Johnny Leon Caddell Jr.

Johnny Leon Caddell Jr.

They say the man responsible is Johnny Leon Caddell Jr., of Germanton. Deputies allege that Caddell killed Scottie while his owners were away.

"Found Scottie out by our fire pit, looked to be drug by a four wheeler. Three gun shots. Looked like he'd been beaten and the autopsy proved all that," said Joy Caudle, Scottie's owner. "Oh [we were] devastated. I just broke down and cried."

Caudle says Scottie was a perfect dog. He used to let her granddaughter paint his nails, dress him up and even ride him.

"She asks daily, ‘Where's tot tot? Tot tot coming back?’ How do you explain that to a three year old," said Caudle.

Scottie's family learned of the arrest Tuesday, after Caddell was served with the warrant for Scottie's death, which took place while Caddell was in court answering for other charges.

"It just felt great to know hopefully justice is going to be served. We've prayed for this day to come," said Caudle.

FOX8 looked up Caddell's court dates. He is due in court on August 7 for a felony charge of cruelty to animals, which is in relation to Scottie's death. In addition, he's scheduled to be in there on August 19 for six different charges;  reckless driving, disorderly conduct, failure to stop, driving with no registration and expired or no inspection, as well as no insurance and a license plate violation.

He is also due in court on September 10, to answer for reckless driving and unsafe tires.

FOX8 spoke to someone close to Caddell. She refused to go on camera, but said that Caddell grew up around animals and is innocent. As mentioned, he is now charged with felony animal cruelty. He was given a $16,000 bond, which he posted the same day he was charged.

Scottie's family says they're currently looking for a new puppy, and hope that their lives will soon return to normal.



    • Dirty Dick

      Someone please put an end to this p.o.s. Life!! He’s probably milested children also. That’s typically the behavior.

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    Shoot that POS like he did the precious dog & just skip the court appearance because the Court System will Do Absolutely NOTHING to him & he will do this type stuff again & probably will even before his court date….

  • Patricia G.

    If Scottie had attacked and killed someone he would have been put down, but when a two legged low life, ( not even worthy to be called an animal ) tortured, by being beaten, drug then shot, shot three times, he get’s a slap on the hand. If he is not strongly dealt with, his next victim will be humans, that is if he already hasn’t gone there.

  • NCMale

    Someone, somewhere will ALWAYS claim a suspect is innocent……..doesn’t matter the evidence.

    Sorry for the family that lost their dog.

  • Jeff Leavell

    What a real piece of work this clown is. I agree with J R. I hope they sentence him to the max. He thinks he is such a tough guy. Let him go to prison and just see how tough this clown is. Dont drop the soap.


    Let me have him after they convict him. He’ll learn the meaning of real torture, real quick. Lowlife coward is nothing but an oxygen thief and needs to stop breathing ASAP.

  • todd

    he is a real piece of work. The devil’s work that is. The POS needs to be tortured just like that dog was. If not, he really does need to go to prison. Then he gets to meat big Bubba. Or put him in a fence with about 2 or 3 pitbulls or Rottweiler s. That would be good justice

  • yea!

    All the charges this punkasse has on the books and still hanging out at home ? Typical n.c. justice system !

  • Lillian

    funny how these people are always innocent…show him the same kindness that he showed the dog !

  • harley

    He didn’t do that it says accused for a reason. Someone’s trying to play the blame game. They justwt somsomething to pinch him with because of all the other charges.

    • Anonymous

      He says he didn’t do it because that’s what guilty people do. They lie and say they didn’t. This isn’t the first dog he has purposely abused. He is one messed up individual.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not the only charges pending. Since he moved into the neighborhood a few months ago the sheriff has been called there over 50 times from numerous neighbors. Our wonderful DA’s office wants to treat the victims as if they are the criminals. You right he’ll get a slap on the wrist if found guilty.

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