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FLIR thermal imaging camera will give iPhone users night vision

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WILSONVILLE, Ore. (KPTV) — Oregon-based company FLIR is releasing a thermal imaging camera for the iPhone that will let iPhone users see invisible heat energy.

FLIR’s heat sensing camera attaches to the iPhone 5 like an extra case, and the battery lasts about two hours, allowing users to see infrared imagery and learn which items are hot or cold. The phone is still slim enough to fit in your pocket.

“We really think this is going to be a game changer as far as capabilities of your cell phone,” said Andy Teich, CEO of FLIR Systems.

FLIR already believes there are a number of real world uses for the heat-sensing camera, such as running hot water through pipes to find a leak, or taking the camera camping to verify a campfire is all the way out. iPhone users will also be able to see animals in the dark.

“It really enables a different level of perception once you put this on your mobile phone,” Teich said.

Though the product hasn’t been released yet, Teich already has thermal photos of his dog on his phone.

The iPhone attachment costs $350 and will be sold at Apple stores starting in August. Pre-orders begin Wednesday.

FLIR has also asked app designers to come up with their own ideas for the camera, and Teich said the company has had “2,000 respondents on the developer side.”

The apps are expected to roll out once developers get their hands on the new product.

For now, pre-orders can be made at


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