Boy injured in Graham stabbing over Facebook posts

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GRAHAM, N.C. — A 15-year-old boy was stabbed in the back multiple times Wednesday afternoon in a fight that stemmed from Facebook posts, according to the Times-News.

Terrell Marquise Day, 17, of Burlington, was charged with was charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.

The fight broke out at the Crescent Arms apartments on East Parker Street sometime before 5 p.m.

Officers were told the fight happened over “disrespecting each other on Facebook.”

The 15-year-old was taken to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill and is listed in stable condition. Day received a laceration to his finger during the fight  and was treated at Alamance Regional Medical Center before being booked into the Alamance County Jail.

Day was held under a $200,000 bond.


    • NCMale

      What’s even more ridiculous is that everyone knows where the overwhelming majority of violent crime comes from…… EVERY CITY in America… whether directly, or indirectly….yet the Federal Government, the State Government, nor local law enforcement can do anything about it because these criminals who populate these areas have “rights”. Such a shame for the decent people that are forced to live in those areas…..

  • yea!

    Stabbed the kid in the back, Just another coward with a blade ! A proper beat down I could understand but going at him from behind I can’t !

    • IreeI

      Know the story before you run off at the mouth he did not just come up from behind…. Both families are going through enough…. Leave your opinions to yourself… I am not condoning this at all… That’s my child you are talking about and its more to the story… I hope the boy makes a full recovery and let both families have some peace… It’s bad enough we as parents are going through but to come on here and have to see this is ridiculous…. SHUT THE F*** UP!!

  • carlik

    That’s my famm I was not there at the time when it happened but I know he would not do nun like that just to do it I know he did it for a reason the boy that he stabed probly did something to him that came down to him

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