2 new emergency service bases being built in Randolph Co.

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- Construction begins next week on one of two new emergency service bases in Randolph County, aimed at helping reduce response time to rural areas.

One base will be built in Uwharrie, the other in Erect.

Both bases will have at least two paramedics on standby at all times, along with an ambulance.

The plan, which has been four years in the making, was approved by county commissioners earlier this month.

It’s a plan Donovan Davis, emergency services director, says has been long overdue.

"In the areas where we're adding bases, it could be up to 25 minutes in the far reaching areas of our county,” Davis said.

Davis also says an increase in emergency calls has created the need for more resources.

The county received about 3,000 more emergency calls this year than it did in 2009.

It's going to cost nearly $200,000 to build each base.

That first base in Uwharrie is expected to be up and running by January 2015.


  • Bo Diddley

    I hope they build a training center for the clowns in Randolph EMS. I have no confidence in their ability and would likely take my chances with a first aid kit and a blind gypsy before I would call them.

    • bigtrav261

      Hey, if fire and ems crews ever come to your aid, you better not let them know that you’re the Bo Diddley who hang outs on Fox8’s site. They might just throw up their hands like, “WHOA, it’s the great ‘Bo Diddley’! Hey, this guy does not need our help! Come on, guys. Let’s go. Bo Did here knows waaaay more about this than we do! He’ll be fine.”

  • K

    Why can’t the 911 taxes we all pay on cell phones and landlines be used for this instead of raising our taxes? I know there are stipulations on how that money can be spent… but maybe it’s time we looked at getting those stipulations adjusted. Some counties have millions of dollars sitting in their coffers as a result of the surcharge.

    • Rogue

      It’s like why in Guilford county schools they give students computer tablets yet in Randolph county kids can’t even get textbooks. It is just how this county works (or doesn’t)

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