Man throws coins, wife confronts driver during road rage incident

SAN DIEGO — A road rage incident caught on camera apparently shows a man throwing coins and a woman confronting a driver, according to KGTV.

Tom Parise was driving on Ingraham Street in Pacific Beach when he attempted to merge into the left lane to avoid getting stuck in the right turn only lane. Parise sped up to pass a Ford pickup truck, but the driver of the truck also sped up in an apparent attempt to prevent him from merging.

“I sped up a little harder and I was able to get out in front and merge in, without cutting him off,” Parise said.

After Parise successfully merged, the driver of the truck honked his horn at Parise.

When the drivers stopped at a red light, the driver of the truck threw several coins at Parise’s vehicle. A female passenger then exited the truck, took a photo of Parise’s license plate and confronted Parise.

“I got your license plate,” she said.

“I got you on video b****,” Parise responded.

The woman then accused Parise of nearly killing her dog.

Editor’s note: The raw, unedited video below contains vulgar language. Viewer discretion advised.


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