Man throws coins, wife confronts driver during road rage incident

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SAN DIEGO — A road rage incident caught on camera apparently shows a man throwing coins and a woman confronting a driver, according to KGTV.

Tom Parise was driving on Ingraham Street in Pacific Beach when he attempted to merge into the left lane to avoid getting stuck in the right turn only lane. Parise sped up to pass a Ford pickup truck, but the driver of the truck also sped up in an apparent attempt to prevent him from merging.

“I sped up a little harder and I was able to get out in front and merge in, without cutting him off,” Parise said.

After Parise successfully merged, the driver of the truck honked his horn at Parise.

When the drivers stopped at a red light, the driver of the truck threw several coins at Parise’s vehicle. A female passenger then exited the truck, took a photo of Parise’s license plate and confronted Parise.

“I got your license plate,” she said.

“I got you on video b****,” Parise responded.

The woman then accused Parise of nearly killing her dog.

Editor’s note: The raw, unedited video below contains vulgar language. Viewer discretion advised.


  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    Seems to me she & her partner in the Truck are psychopaths & probably have confronted other people before, they should be locked up because sooner then later if they keep on threatening people they are going to pick on the wrong one & maybe will get shot but who cares???

  • Chucky

    All three of them are idiots. If he had to speed up to get out of the wrong lane and into another lane, he cut them off. I’m not saying that justifies the couple’s reaction but he could have slowed down and gotten in behind them. There was not that much traffic.

    • No Hope For Change

      I saw no such evidence of him cutting them off he narrated with subtitles pretty well. If getting in front of them is cutting them off then OooK. Sure he could have slowed down but he chose to speed up and you can clearly see the hothead behind the wheel SPEED UP to block. The driver chose to go with momentum instead of braking and sped up and passed them with plenty of clearance. Even if they were truly cut off you went from a no harm no foul to this POS throwing coins at his car (BREAKING THE LAW).No there was only one vehicle most at fault. They could have equally let it go too instead of being the crazy loons they are.

      • Chucky

        I didn’t say they were right to do what they did. I don’t believe that he was innocent either. So if you were in the left lane and the car in the right lane, which was ending sped up to get in front of you and moved over with less than adequate space between his vehicle and yours, you wouldn’t think that they cut you off? Two wrongs don’t make a right but the guy with the cameras could have very easily slowed down and gotten in behind the a–holes in the truck rather than risking contributing to an accident.

    • amr71

      He didn’t cut them off. He sped up to get around them, and they tried to stop him from doing that. The guy who recorded this did nothing wrong.

  • No Hope For Change

    How miserable are those two cretins ha ha.Getting panties in a twist over a guy getting in front of them with plenty of room. Thank God for cameras so that these clowns and the rest of the world can see how much losers they are. I hope they have enough conscience to be embarrassed. She got his license plate! And? Her dog was almost killed? Bwaaahaahaaa. Not even close. I hope their names become public.This guy with the camera showed great restraint with this nutjob throwing coins at his vehicle. Since they are in a hurry to go no where I probably would have inconvenience them with a call to the police and followed through with charges for damaging the vehicle.

    • amr71

      No, he didn’t. He was just trying to get over. Tell me you’ve never been stuck in a lane and found yourself having to get over at the last minute.

  • American Hero

    All idiots here….if the other driver was being a total D Bag and wouldnt let him over, the answer is not to speed up and cut them off….it is to slow down and let the D Bag pass you and then merge. Always the victim I suppose buddy because no other reason why you would have camera’s mounted to your vehicle….is that even legal????

    • amr71

      Of course it’s legal. The guy was an Uber driver and had cameras installed front and back for insurance purposes (it was mentioned in another article). Why should the guy have to slow down and let these jerks get away with what they were doing? They needed to put in their place.

  • Luv Life!

    What does it take to act like decent people on the road? I don’t understand why people have to wait to the last minute to get in the correct lane. Did the person getting in the left lane turn on his signal? Did he slow down to wait for traffic to let him in? Looks like all those involved acted like little kids fighting over toys! Such stupidity!

  • sinner 3

    The guy in the wrong lane started the whole mess !! Watched the video plenty of room for him to signal and merge behind the truck !!

    • amr71

      No, he didn’t. He was just trying to get over, and the clown in the SUV started playing games. Who knows if the car behind the SUV would have sped up, too. Then what was the guy supposed to do?


    I agree with most that the guy recording did nothing wrong. What I didn’t see anyone ask or question was the fact of this being recorded in the first place. Does this person ride around with a camera on all of the time or did something happen way before the recording started that caused all of this to be an issue and needed to be recorded?

    • Chucky

      For some reason, this guy decided it is necessary to have cameras in the front and back of his car to record what happens around him. My guess is he is used to pissing people reacting to his driving and wanted to record them in case they do retaliate when he cuts them off like he did to these people. :)

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