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Man killed after crashing stolen motorcycle in High Point

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — A man riding a stolen motorcycle died Monday night when he crashed the bike into a guardrail in High Point.

Police say they arrived on East Kivett Drive around 11:57 p.m. to find Charlie Williams, Jr., 48, dead on the scene, along with a wrecked motorcycle.

It was discovered that Williams was driving west on Kivett when he collided with a guardrail between North Hoskins Street and Brentwood Street.

Police say the motorcycle was reported stolen in Rockingam County in August 2013.

Witnesses told police that another motorcycle had been riding along with Williams.

Anyone with further information about the incident should call the High Point Police Traffic Division at 336-887-7969.


      • Suzanne

        Best comment of the day. In general people who ride bikes are the safest drivers on the road. Its the knuckleheads out there that drive cars that are a danger to motorcycle riders. Who is to say that the man was not run off the road by someone driving a car?

  • Firefly

    Maybe it’s too early for you to be a smart@$$…who said it was “his bike”? It clearly says a “stolen motorcycle”, “wrecked motorcycle”, “the bike”.
    Have a great day!

  • ??

    More to the point, if the bike was stolen, why is it written ‘stolen’ in the headline? If it’s stolen, no need for quotation marks. Although, it should probably say “allegedly stolen”, since we have no proof that it was stolen.

    • Wendy

      “Police say the motorcycle was reported stolen in Rockingam County in August 2013.”

      By reading the report I’d assume it’s not an allegation, it’s a fact that the bike was stolen in August of 2013-almost 1 year ago.

      Reading and comprehension is a lost “talent” these days.

      • mj

        I believe you’ve confused “it’s a fact that the bike was reported stolen” with “it’s a fact that the bike was stolen.” It is, in fact, possible for someone to report something stolen that has not actually been stolen.
        But, I guess writing before comprehending is a lost “talent” as well.

      • ??

        Wow. I can assure you, Wendy, that there’s no deficiency in my reading and comprehension skills. I could call the police right now and tell them that you stole my dog. Would that make it true? I didn’t think so. Who has a problem with comprehension? Not I. ;)

      • ??

        Also, this brilliant journalist misspelled “Rockingham”. But hey, spelling is a lost “talent” too, apparently.

  • TdH

    How so very inconsiderate…. A man died….whether the bike was stolen or not….a man list his life… A bike…the bike… Can be replaced. Ignorant people make ignorant comments… This man could be my family…

  • Wendy

    Darwinism- individuals who have contributed to human evolution by choosing to participate in a foolish act & taking themselves out of the gene pool/population.

    Yes, he lost his life. Yes, people will be saddened by this. Thankfully, no others were involved causing true sadness by him taking innocent lives, but don’t expect all to be saddened but his ignorance.

  • Wendy

    MJ- the bike isn’t his, (ie. not titled or registered to him), and I do believe it’s safe to assume it wasn’t on loan to him.
    Believing the report that it was stolen and comprehending that concept is pretty simple. No need in trying to argue the fact he was clearly not an up-standing citizen.

    • mj

      Not knowing this individual, I am not in a position to opine regarding his character at all, much less argue about it. However, after fifteen years in the insurance industry I can say with some bit of expertise that insurance fraud occurs and claims aren’t settled on assumptions, but facts. Lo and behold, I have seen items ‘reported stolen’ that are miraculously found ‘on loan’ with a friend or family member.

      The only reason I responded at all was because your original response was incredibly snarky given that you were incorrect.

  • the hulk

    He did not know that when he got the bike it was stolenmy prayers go out to him and his family

  • sinner 3

    OK !! Kids this is what you do not do when you hear the phrase “Ride it like you STOLE it ” !!

  • Patrice Collins

    It doesnt matter if he stole it or bought it fron someone who stole it or it was given to him. If he had done the right thing and registered it he would have known it was stolen. He KNEW it was not his LEGALLY. He was riding it. He crashed it. He died. Ifeel for hhis family and friends but at the end of the day he was a criminal.

    • Sadattimes

      I’m always amazed at the way people distill another human being down to the barest label: he didn’t register his vehicle, therefore he is a criminal, and deserves to die. It’s sad that we can’t feel sympathy for his humanity, and grieve along with his family or friends who are left behind… And, even if he hadn’t registered it yet, that doesn’t mean that he KNEW it was not his LEGALLY. It’s possible that someone just sold it to him, and he decided to take it for a drive for the first time….. incredibly sad that this cost him his life.

  • whatactuallyhappened

    An officer friend tells me… a witness claims he was racing another motorcycle. Not only did he die, the guardrail severed his head from his body. Facts. You people that make all these comments on things are ridiculous. Seriously.

    • Sadattimes

      Not sure what you’re trying to accomplish. Nobody can talk about the story, because we don’t know your officer friend? You need to tell us all that he was decapitated, because you have the inside scoop? What?

  • Akil Mdajai Osaze

    People kill yourself. F***k the stolen motorcycle,registration,and anything else you talking about unless its condolences. He was a good man that hasmany people grieving. Get your mind rights.

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