Greensboro mother worries for daughter, others in Israel

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The head of the Greensboro Jewish Federation is worried about Triad visitors to Israel, especially her daughter.

The Federal Aviation Administration has asked all U.S. carriers to suspend flights to and from Tel Aviv for 24 hours because of a rocket strike that landed about one mile from the airport.

Marilyn Chandler helps send hundreds of Triad students and adults to Israel on a regular basis for missions. Her daughter Shira, 19, is in the country for the summer on an internship with the Minister of Health.

"I just pray for her safety and pray for the safety of all those that she's with," said Chandler.

Chandler said her daughter has still been able to work and travel around the country but has also been forced to take cover into bomb shelters occasionally when sirens sound.

"She said, 'We were only there for 10 or 15 minutes' and my heart was pounding," said Chandler.

The Greensboro Federation doesn't currently have a group in the region but Chandler said it’s still a popular destination for many in North Carolina.

"There are tons of kids, adults, friends and family who are either studying or living or visiting Israel as we speak," said Chandler.

Delta and U.S. Airways both announced plans to suspend airline flights before the FAA warning Tuesday. That has Shira and her mother wondering if her summer trip will last longer than expected.

Despite the security warning and rocket threat, Shira tells her mother she shouldn't lose sleep at night.

"She feels safe in Jerusalem," said Chandler. "She feels very safe, thank goodness."


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