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Forsyth Co. 12-year-old girl testifies man hired by family to mow lawn raped her

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Francisco Marquez Martinez (Mugshot courtesy, Winston-Salem Police)

FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — A girl testified in Forsyth Superior Court this morning that the man hired by her family to mow the lawn pushed his way into the house and raped her in a darkened bathroom, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

Francisco Marquez Martinez of Cole Road is on trial this week on three charges — rape of a child, sex offense with a child and taking indecent liberties with a child.

Assistant District Attorney Kia Chavious said in an opening statement that the alleged incident happened on June 22, 2012.

The girl was twelve at the time and was alone with her younger sister when Martinez came to the door, Chavious said.

The Winston-Salem Journal does not typically identify the alleged victims of sexual assault or their families.

The girl testified that Martinez knocked on the door and told her that he was there to cut the grass. He was supposed to have come the next day, a Saturday, and the girl called her mother, who was not home.

After talking to her mother, she handed the phone to Martinez, the girl said. Martinez told the mother that he had a scheduling conflict and couldn’t come that Saturday.

The girl said that Martinez went to cut the grass and she locked the door. A little while later, it began to rain, and Martinez knocked on the back door. He asked her if he could come in.

The girl said she told Martinez he could stand in a covered area just outside the kitchen but he couldn’t come into the kitchen.

That’s when Martinez told the girl she had a string loose on her clothing, the girl said. Martinez then grabbed her and began touching and kissing her. She ran away and Martinez ran after her into her mother’s room.

The girl said Martinez pinned her on the bed and began kissing her on her neck and breasts. She pushed him onto a dresser and ran into the bathroom.

Martinez followed her in, pushed her into the bathtub and closed the door.

She couldn’t see anything because it was dark but she heard Martinez unbuckle his pants. She said she felt pain when he assaulted her.

She said she hit him and he stopped. He opened the door and she ran down the hallway to her room to make sure her sister, who was sleeping, was okay.

Martinez, she said, ran out the back door.

Chavious said the girl didn’t tell her sister or her mother, but she told her mother the next day after she had talked to one of her close friends, Chavious said.

The trial will continue through this afternoon and into the rest of the week.

Paul James is the attorney representing Martinez. James told the court that he would reserve his opening statement until after the prosecution presents its case.


    • T. Wells

      This guy is about to be a prison punk! He will find a little pain too, for about 2 decades. POS.

    • joanne

      If you deport him he will serve no time and he will come right back and do this to another child.

  • jenn

    I have read plenty of US citizen that have done the exact same thing , so being illegal have nothing to do with it …

    • targetsacquired

      Lets say hes illegal, as we are all sure he is….then if he was in Mexico where he should have been, this girl would not have been raped…correct? Its got everything to do with this one…stop defending those that should not be here.

      • jenn

        In every culture & race there are all kinds of people .. good hearted & cold hearted . Am didnt said he dont need to be punished , being illegal dont have a to with it .. so what if he was white or black ?? Its ok because they were born in USA ..a crimal is a crimal dont matter what race! be adults and look at other facts other than if they are illegal or not

      • jenn

        In every culture & race there are all kinds of people .. good hearted & cold hearted . didnt said he shouldnt be punished , being illegal dont have a to with it .. so what if he was white or black ?? Its ok because they were born in USA ..a criminal is a criminal dont matter what race! be adults and look at other facts other than if they are illegal or not …

      • NCMale

        What a stupid comment. I don’t think being racist has anything to do with pointing out that someone is illegally in this country and shouldn’t be here……this would be no different if a white British man or a white South African man were here illegally….

    • NCMale

      Uhhhhh being illegal has nothing to do with the specific crime……..but being illegal has a-LOT to do with HIM being on American soil—-ILLEGALLY. In other words….he shouldn’t even be here, and if he WEREN’T here this little girl would still have her virginity and not have to go through years of counseling……so YES, him being illegal has a-LOT to do with it.

  • Tired of perverts

    Ive seen this man in my neighborhood. I have daughters. This scumbag needs to be locked up so somebody can have there way with him.

  • Tractor Johnson

    This sounds like a lie, especially with all of the Mexicans working throughout these counties. There are rarely any reports of them raping or attacking the client or client’s family. Also, I notice that she never mentions that she screamed or made any sound. Most females would have, especially with another family member in the house.

    • joanne

      Tractor, what good would it do to scream? She may have, but what help would a little sister be to fight off a grown man? On the other hand she may have felt it was more important not to scream so her sister wouldn’t come out where this guy would know she was in the house and hurt her as well. What is your problem that you seem to insinuate this girl did something wrong?

      • famofvic

        They did go to hospital nd take dna but they will not allow it as evidence because she waited a day to report

  • Bobby Ward

    So,why was a 12 year old left with her 9 year old sister by theirself at home.So they should ask the mother that question..And the young girl now (age 14) saying-I was a virgin and I let somebody inside of me…Come on now something aint right here…

    • Tracey

      Sounds fishy to me too, if this account is true then why would have have talked to her mother on the phone, sounds like some one lost her virginity and doesn’t want mommy and daddy to know the truth. She also waited for the next day no trama – blood – bruise that the mother would have noticed? Sounds like some one wanted it spicy?

  • Allison

    There are girls out there that will provoke, they can’t take her word for it. He could be innocent, you never know.

    • John

      Provoked? That is nonsense. Don’t care if she paraded around in front of him buck naked, if a grown man can’t control himself better than that, then he shouldn’t be allowed on the streets, end of discussion.

  • Shelby

    I agree that a horrible crime has been committed here; nothing short of life changing for the victim and the alleged criminal. I think we have to remember there are many more victims in this story, the ones who often go unnoticed. The suspect has a family as well. If convicted, he should be held responsible for the horrific crime he committed. I believe it is important to remember that this man will receive his judgement here on earth, but his real judgement is coming, as is all of ours. Speaking about the victims and the suspect as if these people do not have feelings is shameful. Please remember the innocent ones who will forever be touched by the ripple effect of one man’s choice. This includes the victim, her family members and anyone who is associated with her, but also includes those who didn’t make this choice with him: his family.

  • Jeff

    It does seem a little off that she was able to “push him off up against the dresser” to run into the bathroom. I wasn’t there but if he was on top of her which I can only assume then that’s a strong 12 year old. As far as if he was illegal, if he is and was prevented from being here then yes it would have been avoided if true. There’s nothing racist about it, truth….

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