Greensboro police release suspect in burglaries, say he is innocent

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UPDATE 7:20 p.m. — Thomas Paul Lee, the 51-year-old man accused of committing multiple burglaries, has been released from police custody after further investigation revealed that he was not responsible for the crimes, according to police.

After what police called a “lengthy and often conflicting” interview with Lee, officers eliminated him as a suspect in the six commercial burglaries.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A man who barricaded himself in his condominium earlier today is in police custody and facing multiple charges connected with several burglaries of local commercial establishments.

Thomas Paul Lee, 51, is believed to have broken into approximately half a dozen businesses in the Battleground Avenue and West Friendly Avenue areas between July 16-20.

Businesses he allegedly broke into include Express Oil, Printer’s Alley, Monkee’s, Red Collection, Friendly Cleaner and NC Nails and Spa.

When police attempted to interview Lee, he became uncooperative and barricaded himself in his residence in the 300 block of North Lindell Road.

Lee voluntarily left his home after approximately 90 minutes.

Lee faces six counts of felony breaking and entering, six counts of injury to real property, and five counts of larceny pursuant to breaking and entering.


  • Angela

    I know him and he is mentally sick. He needs help. Hopefully now he will get the help he needs… This is very sad.

  • Justask

    All races commit crimes. All walks of life commit crimes. Sure wish the feds would investigate Kernersville police they are mostly all crooks.

    • sinner 3

      Yes indeed the K_Ville keystones I had dealings years ago when Stockton ran the show such a crooked crowd indeed but very slick they have been at in that town for generations !!

  • Martinez de Pasqually

    Two stories one a suspect and one of not a suspect ! What to believe in your confusing reporting !

  • Jason Reiner

    I know this man. He is not only a menace to society but a very bad person. He’s not mentally sick but rather a greedy narcissistic example of how to become wealthy on the backs of family and friends and defecate on the very people that made him rich. Glad to see him finally hit bottom. I’m sure many are silently laughing at his behavior. His demise is their consolation that there is a God!

  • Angela

    And Jason Renner to even bring up the fact that he is being punished by God makes you a sick narcissistic a-hole. God has nothing to do with this, except the fact that he was given a mental disorder that he cannot control. This is not in his character and he has never done something of this sort. I guess you would like to hear that he is practically living homeless with only the clothes on his back? Because he doesn’t know he needs help. And yes, maybe he needs to go to jail so then they will force fed his bipolar meds down his throat and he can get better. But you should never wish this on someone that doesn’t know what they are doing. One day he will when he is medicated correctly with lithium etc and then he will regret what he has done, just like he did before when this happened several years ago. It killed him to know how he treated people and what he did to them. So stop being such a jerk and realize that there might be more going on than you realize. Like his REAL family and friends being worried sick about him because he won’t get help! This is why a big portion of our homeless community has a mental disorder because they don’t know they need help! And he is already on this path… It is very sad!

      • Angela

        Im so glad that you have changed your opinion from God to karma. Because a real Christian would never say that this is an act of God and proof their is a God. That is very sacrilegious of you. And yes, I understand that he believes he is running for president. And that should be proof enough for your pudding that he is mentally incapacitated! I hope you never have a terminal illness that people decide to kick you when you are down. Because you are right…karma is an awful thing! But when one cannot control their actions, they are not being judged by our Lord!

  • Jaime

    I see a lot of bickering between this Jason and Angela. It sounds to me like Angela May have been in a relationship with Tom. … Something to consider

    • Angela

      I was several years ago. And I am not anymore. I do not even live in NC and am very happy with my fiancé. But it does upset me when people talk bad about someone when they are doing something out of their control. I was with him in his last manic episode. And yes, I know how bad he was, and I’m not denying that fact. But we are talking about a circumstance with something a person can’t control. It is just like cancer or any other terminal illness. He is terminal and cannot control the way his brain thinks and acts. Some people need to educate themselves before judging someone. And I too have admitted that he has said some horrible things to me and to other people and as well acted extremely badly to me, even physical. This man even swung an iron at my head and missed me by a meat inch. That could have killed me. But I am not with him now, but I do know that he is going through another manic episode and this man needs psychiatric help. Not to be ridiculed. You don’t ridicule a person that has a terminal illness and this shouldn’t be any different. And I do not mean to “bicker.” I’m just trying to stand up for an illness that one cannot control. Someone should not speak of a sick person in this manner and wether I knew Tom or not, wouldn’t make a difference because I would still make a stand in anyone’s defense. There are a lot of people that battle this illness (as well as many other psychiatric illnesses) on a daily basis. And I think more of the population should educate them self before passing judgement on them. Just sayin…

    • Angela

      I just don’t understand why it makes a difference if I was in a relationship with this person (Tom) or not? Do I need to post his medical records to prove that he is sick? This is the exact reason our country has so many issues with shooting (especially at schools) because our country and the people don’t take mental illnesses serious enough. And they don’t educate themselves on the illnesses. If you look at the majority of mass shootings that happen, 99% of the people that cause them have been on some type of medicine for a mental disorder. This is a serious epidemic in our country and we need to look at it as a problem and address it rather than these people living homeless and sick and being ridiculed by other fellow Americans. But rather people would like to attack those people to make themselves feel better. And I’m not pointing this at you Jaime, I’m just saying this as a fact of the majority of our fellow Americans. By no means am I “standing up” for this person, but rather trying to educate people on the mental illnesses that plaque many people that need our help.

  • Jason Reiner

    Angelina, I think you need to help your ole BF out. Sounds like he could use it. BTW, I worked at this idiots company for 12 years. He deserves every bit of misfortune that he brings to himself. “Too little too late” was what he told me once upon a time. BTW, given your background I’m surprised you have such an opinion a gun control. I can see why you two got along so well.

    • Angela

      My opinion on gun control is that mentally unstable people should not have guns and we as a society need to do more to keep weapons out of their hands. That should be our focus. Not limiting American citizens their right to own a gun entirely. Unfortunately with our privacy acts in the medical field, people just have to check a box that said they have never been mentally incapacitated and they will be able to buy a gun. And they never follow up or do anything about someone that lies when they check that box “no.” And my background in guns is my livelihood. That is my family business that I am proud of and it is my legacy. And let’s get one thing straight, Tom is not my bf. He needs help and I worry about him because he doesn’t know what he is doing. I worry about him as well as what he is doing to his family. This is out of my control now. Before I did my best to try to help him and get him help. Which eventually I did.

  • Lusciousjonson

    I know this man as well and his famy members. I think all of you are correct. No doubt this individual needs lots of professional help. He needed professional help years ago when he was riding the wave of a successful business built on the backs of loyal employees and began splurging on excesses unknown to the working man. He needed help when he was pissing away thousands of dollars hand over fist fueling a raucous lifestyle ignoring the very ones that loved him and tried desperately to help him. In the end, when his business failed and the cash flow dried up, homeless, broke and a trail of burned bridges, it is no fault but his own.

    • Angela

      I couldn’t agree with you more! You said it perfectly and everything you said was on point. The only person that can help Tom now is Tom himself. When you are dealing with a disease like this, it’s going to take him getting help himself like he did before or him being put in jail for doing something wrong and then them putting the medication down his throat. I just hope he doesn’t hurt himself or someone else first. He has already got other people in trouble with his antics, as well as me, that didn’t deserve it. And he has treated a lot of people badly by his words and actions including his own family and close friends.

    • Jason Reiner

      Love the video from back in the good ole days when the money flowed like honey. We all miss Ms Boston from the BGC.

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