Pregnant teen strangled, boyfriend’s head removed in ‘Craigslist killings’

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(right to left) Charlie Oppenneer, Brady Oestrike and Brooke Slocum.

(right to left) Charlie Oppenneer, Brady Oestrike and Brooke Slocum.

WYOMING, Mich. — A Michigan man, his pregnant girlfriend and the woman’s unborn child were murdered by a man they met on Craigslist for an “arrangement,” police told WXMI.

Charlie Oppenneer, 25, Brooke Slocum, 18, and her unborn child were killed by Brady Oestrike, according to police. Police said the three made an “arrangement” through Craiglist for Oestrike and Slocum to have sex in the presence of Oppenneer.

According to WXMI, Oppenneer’s car was later found abandoned.

Oppenneer’s headless body was found in a wooded area on Wednesday.

During the investigation, officers discovered Oppenneer’s girlfriend was also missing.

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On Thursday, when police stopped Osestrike after a police chase, he committed suicide. Brook Slocum’s body was found in his trunk. Police said she died of strangulation.

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    • jess

      Hey watch it, dont speak ill of the deceased. They were flawed but human beings none the less. Must be nice to be so perfect that you can look down upon others.

  • open_minded

    Just because they didn’t things in the bedroom some people don’t agree with, is no reason for them or the unborn child to die. And that has nothing to do with their ability to be good parents.

    • anom

      Open-minded….maybe if it just effect the 3 of them…..but she had a child inside her….and that’s just POOR JUDGEMENT!!!

      • open_minded

        Agreed not the best judgment call. But still no reason for loss of life. For either woman or man. The sicko that did the killing needed to be dead….

      • patty

        You are right on. These sick fuck is in her third trimester and shes gonna put her poor baby at risk of disease?? Fuck these fools the only victim in this case was the captive unborn whod never even had the chance to see the world :( :(

    • Speaking Up For Kids

      Don’t be an idiot–they would have made terrible parents. They were already compromising the safety and health of their unborn fetus through sexual contact with strangers. And dangerous situations. This is way beyond sexuality into prostitution, danger, and bodily harm. Get a clue. No doubt they would have put their child in harm’s way. Prostitutes don’t make good parents. Period.

      • patty

        Couldnt have said it better myself “speaking up for kids”. Obviously there was little care or corncern regarding the safety and well being of the child. I feel no sadness for the three freaks involved in this situation as it seems they were all callous to begin with when it came to what was best for the nascent life inside her womb.

  • BB

    A lot of victim blaming in here. Like another folk said, just because you don’t agree with what they did doesn’t mean it’s their fault. It’s sad that this happened.

  • elaine

    two sick people found one person.That was even sicker.The only one that was innocent was the unborn. What a shame.

  • Bo don't know Shit

    the people commenting here are worse than the murderer that did this, None of you have a right to judge anyone, Who the hell do you people think you are? saints? not likely. You people sit in judgment of others because of your own pathetic lives

  • Tractor Johnson

    Before even looking at which male was the killer, and which was the victim I already knew the killer was the man with the “whitest” skin.

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