17-year-old identified as victim in shooting in Winston-Salem

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Danny Joe Harris, 17

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A 17-year-old is dead and two women were taken to the hospital after a shooting in Winston-Salem Sunday evening.

The shooting happened around 9:22 p.m. Sunday night in the area of Bloomfield Drive and Junia Avenue, near Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

Police say Danny Joe Harris, 17, was found shot to death inside a house at 2051 Bloomfield Drive. Jenisha Shattiera Crawford, 26, was also found with gunshot wounds and was taken to a local hospital with injuries that don't appear to be life-threatening. Police say that Brittany Shardiney Robinson, 24, sustained a minor injury.

Witnesses described hearing a woman screaming after the shooting.

"We saw a woman crying, and she said ‘You shot my baby,’" said one witness, who wished to remain anonymous. "I just wanted to do something, you know, hug her neck or something. She was so pitiful, I really felt for her."

Investigators believe the shooting stemmed from a dispute and that the victims were shot by someone who fired multiple rounds at the house. Police are looking for the suspect, who fled the area in an unknown vehicle.

Police say there have been 193 reports of violent crimes within a half-mile radius of the neighborhood in the past year. There have been at least 19 reports of violent crimes in the same area over the last month.

"If it ain't people stealing around here, it's somebody raping somebody. If it ain't raping somebody, they're killing," said the anonymous witness.

Anyone with information about the shooting s asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 336-727-2800.


  • Thomas Noell

    Let’s just have the City of WS sponsor a third gun buy-back event this year and maybe that will finally curb the gun violence in the crime-ridden city, LOL. Now, what was that classic definition of “insanity,” again???

      • WeBuiltThisCountry

        @Sinner3.your dumbass. Allentown, Pennsylvania, Benton Harbour, Michigan, Dover,Delaware, Elgin, Illinois and Fort Worth, Texas have streets named MLK and the property cost the most.White people like you keep small cities stagnated. Talking sh$t about African Americans then talking about racist not in existence?Whites like you keep my country divided. Please embrace us so we can keep America moving forward (PLEASE?)

    • BB

      You have never been to charlotte have you? MLK blvd is completely different in charlotte than other cities.

    • Martinez de Pasqually

      Police say there have been 193 reports of violent crimes within a half-mile radius of the neighborhood in the past year. There have been at least 19 reports of violent crimes in the same area over the last month. A single paragraph would seem to resonate the validity of you statement Mr.Sinner.

  • Juliette Gregory

    What’s sad is how we quickly judge. Some of the comments may have some validity, but the tragedy is still the loss of a seventeen year old. Some of us are in church every Sunday, and still haven’t learned the fruits of the spirit. Don’t know another’s relationship with GOD! Evil lives everywhere! IJS

  • NRA4ever

    I’m sure al sharpton is on his way to address the culture of violence, so obvious in the black community. Oh, wait… this teenager’s death has no meaning to Al, since white people are not involved.

    • Johnny

      It doesn’t mention their relationships. See, some people have friends who, most of the time, have different last names than them (this concept may be very foreign to you). Sometimes, people visit their friends’ houses, thereby causing multiple people with different last names to be in the same house. This can also happen with cousins, significant others, etc. I know you’re trying to imply lots of fathers or whatever but you don’t actually know that.

      • looky

        Well you maybe right Johnny, likely cousins are donors,more likely just other little wanta be’s !! Friends ? I would also consider in regard to the same mind set !

  • sinner 3

    WEBUILTTHISCOUNTRY Typical Dem. Come out from the beginning on the attack with the name calling instead of facts to back your statement !! Common tactic with your kind !!

  • j

    Black on black crime is more of a problem than any other crimes now days but some how it seems like white people are always at fault.Please just beleive the truth was anybody stunned it was on mlk for the love of god, THUG BLVD

  • Thomas Noell

    Interesting….Neil McNeil just reported that Winston Salem has 9 murders this year, compared to only 2 at this point last year. So, gun buy-back programs (like the two Winston City has held this year, thus far) result in NO reduction in gun violence and according to this statistic, may actually encourage higher crime.

  • BB

    This will be the last comment I leave on this site and the last time I view a story on this site. It honestly makes me ashamed to live in a state that is so regressive. Some how, the internet has caused some of you people to use it as a cowardice shield.

    • looky

      So you sound like the other Dems and PC Nazi_s on this site so I hope someone that speaks the truth more so than you will fill the void !! Tell your sister and mom looky says HI !!

  • C

    I’ve never seen so many ignorant comments in my life. This is my little cousin and it’s unfortunate that this had to happen to him. None of you know what happened so please do not make fun of the matter. This guy was already wanted for murder and managed to take another innocent life which happens to be my younger cousin. I sure as hell hope you all do not have any deaths coming about anytime soon. I wonder would you all continue to respond with the stupidity I see on here. Pure foolery. This 17 year was one of the sweetest, goofy, and most loving person you could dream to have around. It saddens me that not everyone could live in a suburban area where crime is at it’s least. I live elsewhere, and to hear of something so tragic eats me to my core. I remember teaching him how ride his bike when he was younger. Now I have to go watch him be buried. People are so quick to talk, but are doing the least to change all this chaos!!

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