NASCAR taking action against Tim Brown, Burt Myers after Saturday crashes at Bowman Gray

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WINSTON-SALEM, NC — NASCAR officials decided Monday to take action against the participants in the latest of a string of racetrack retaliations at Bowman Gray Stadium and one of the participants says he’s not returning to the track.

Tim Brown and Burt Myers were involved in an impromptu demolition derby on the track during the 25 lap modified race Saturday night after Myers bumped Brown several times causing him to spin out and lose the lead near the end of the event.

Brown took exception to the move and waited, stopped on the track, for Myers to pass under the caution and drove into the side of Myers’ No. 1 car. A game of cat and mouse bumper cars ensued around the track until officials could motion Brown to the pits.

Burt Myers kept the lead and the race went back green for two laps when Tim Brown came back on the track and ran Burt Myers into the Turn 1 wall as Myers began to race by.

Then it became a demolition derby. Brown slammed into Myers, Myers rammed Brown, Brown drove his car up over part of Myers’ roof — and so it went for about three minutes until track officials and Winston-Salem Police could make them stop.

Monday, NASCAR Officials at the stadium announced penalties for Tim Brown and Burt Myers for their on track aggression during the caution. For the remainder of the season, both drivers have been placed on probation concerning any action taken toward each other.

Brown and Myers were also docked 100 points in the championship points standings moving them from 1st and 2nd to 4th and 5th respectively.

Brown posted on his Facebook page a message to his fans that he felt he’d been treated unfairly and wouldn’t be coming back to Bowman Gray for the rest of this season.

“Due to circumstances, the No. 83 Hayes Jewelers modified team will not be returning to Bowman Gray Stadium for the remainder of the season. We do not feel that we have been treated fairly in the history of Bowman Gray Stadium. We apologize to our fans but thank you for your continued support and understanding!”

Brown is a nine-time track champion and not only holds the record for most Modified titles, but he’s also closing in on breaking the record for most Modified wins.

We reached out to Burt Myers for a comment on the incident and he declined to comment on the matter.

Danny Bohn of Huntersville was also declared the winner of the race. NASCAR officials originally said Lee Jeffreys was the winner thinking he just lost the lead slowing down to avoid the Myers/Brown fiasco but NASCAR officials reviewed the incident and take the position that Jeffreys was swept up in the wreck which causes a driver to lose their position.

“Both the decision regarding Lee Jeffreys as well as Burt Myers and Tim Brown are not decisions we take lightly. We talked with many other NASCAR Officials,” said John Horton, NASCAR’s chief steward at Bowman Gray Stadium. “We believe that these penalties will send a message that this is something we cannot tolerate.”


  • Bo Diddley

    Good, now Mr Brown can sit in his shed and pout for the rest of the season. Also, money we’ll spent Hayes Jewelers. You heard it here first, once Timmy gets done pouting he will realize he has no life outside of his racing, so he WILL return to the track claiming that he’s gonna race despite NASCAR being against him. What an awesome champion!

  • kirabu2014

    That’s the way the REAL stock car races used to be. More excitement. Now NASCAR got involved and made all racing a bunch of identical cars going round and round occasionally turning left. BORING!

  • Chucky

    If they really didn’t want the guys to retaliate like this then they should have reacted with deducting points and suspending them for a race when they started the banging several weeks ago. Why encourage it then punish it. It doesn’t work for children to do that and it sure won’t work for drivers.

  • Jack May

    I have watched the replay a dozen times and for the life of me the ONLY thing I see wrong was that I was not there to witness it first hand! Boys, have at it!

  • Cheri

    That was an awesome night of racing!! We are from a Midwest racing family, and we thought the show was GREAT cut short by rain. I don’t think nascar needed to intervene, fans come out for a show, and that’s what they got! The boys will sort it out in pits, or during next race

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