Burden is on Russia to allow investigators full access to MH17 crash site, Obama says

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The burden is on Russia to ensure that separatists in Ukraine stop tampering with MH17 evidence and grant full access to the crash site, President Barack Obama said Monday.

And if Russia continues to back the separatists, costs to Russia will only continue to increase, he said. Now is the time for President Vladimir Putin and Russia to “pivot away” from its strategy in Ukraine, he said.

Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine are preventing full access by investigators to the MH17 crash site, and are removing evidence, President Barack Obama said. He said this begs the question: “What exactly are they trying to hide?”

President Obama says he’s instructed Secretary of State John Kerry to “push for an immediate cessation of hostilities” in Gaza.

The talks should focus on a return to the Gaza-Israel cease-fire agreement of November 2012, he said. “We don’t want to see any more” civilian deaths in Gaza or Israel, he said.



  • looky

    So is this going to interfere with his golf game or vacation schedule,maybe the fund raising for the DNC !! Of course not this is America we just act like we care !!

  • Frank Bravo

    Obama and the US Government is trying to start a war with Russia. I want more evidence before I put the blame. When the plane crash, why is there no smoke trail before it crashed?
    Another False Flag!!

    • Martinez de Pasqually

      I had submitted the same question on other news sites ! But was ridiculed for doubting the statements made by so called experts in the matter of missile damage to aircraft ! An explosion of this degree should have made the plane a flying fireball not an explosion just on impact with the ground !

  • sinner 3

    Malaysia Air Hires suicide pilots !! Fly a commercial jet into a war zone ! Do you really think they will pause the war !!

    • Martinez de Pasqually

      Since that was the claim in regard to the other Malaysia incident you may have something due consideration !

  • j

    Obama is a joke, these other leaders of these countries laugh at him when he speaks worse president ever.

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