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Injuries reported after police chase, crash near Stokesdale

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- One person was arrested and two were hospitalized after a crash following a police chase that began in Rockingham County and ended near Stokesdale.

State Highway Patrol troopers began pursuit of a red Dodge Neon traveling southbound on U.S. 220 in Rockingham County at 3:48 p.m.

The chase continued onto N.C. 68. Trooper S.S. Lynch said the Neon was traveling at speeds exceeding 100 mph.

At the split of N.C. 68 and N.C. 65, the Neon attempted to pass a white Chevrolet truck on the right hand side and collided with it. Both vehicles left the roadway and overturned.

The driver of the Neon was identified as Dequese Deshawn Long, 22, of Winston-Salem. He was charged with felony fleeing to elude arrest and was placed in the Rockingham County Jail under a $25,000 bond. He also faces a number of misdemeanor charges from the incident and warrants are out for his arrest from Forsyth County for other misdemeanor charges.

The driver of the Chevrolet truck, 48-year-old Edward James Walker, of Kernersville, was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. The passenger in the Neon, 26-year-old Deshanda Harris, of Winston-Salem, was also transported to Baptist.

Walker was treated and released. Harris' condition is unknown.


  • Mark

    All of this because someone wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Aren’t there more important crimes for the police to be dealing with?

    • l337g33k

      So you’d rather blame the cops doing their job instead of the thug who chose to flee and put the public, including you and your family, at risk?

  • Mark

    What I’m saying is that the man was putting no one at risk by not wearing a seat belt. He became a risk when the police officer saw him as a source of revenue. It’s great the he was apprehended. But I bet the innocent victim caught up in this would disagree.

    • Ken

      Go join the police force and see if you still feel that way because your ignorance is clearly showing on this matter, like ignoring the fact that this idiot had priors out on him. He made the choice to run, not the cops. You would do well to know the difference here.

  • Mark

    High speed chases down a busy two lane highway to chase a man not wearing a seat belt, all the while putting the innocent public at risk, is not worth it. Surely the had the license plate number of the car. They could have been waiting for him at his address. The police officer had no idea the man was wanted. He pulled him for a seat belt violation. Yes he did chose to run, but the police have the choice to air on the side of caution when it comes to endangering the public. I see no ignorance in protecting the public first, which is what we pay them to do.

    • Mike

      Here’s something to think about Mark.
      What if the driver of that neon had just stolen it and the passenger was in fact kidnapped. Obviously if that was the case the trooper would not have known that but if it had been and he had kidnapped the female in the car and was planning on killing her? Or what if he and the female had just stolen the car and they were on there way to commit a murder or a drug deal and this officer intervened all because of a simple seat belt ticket. Timothy McVeigh was stopped over a simple traffic infraction and without that officer stopping him because of illegal tags we may have never caught him. So next time you wanna pass judgment on an officer for doing his job, or think you have a better way of doing it, just remember. Highway Patrol is taking applications, if that’s too high speed for you then go to your local community college and go ahead and take the basic law enforcement training course and get on at your local police dept. or sheriff’s office. If thats still too much for you then quit trying to armchair quarterback the men and women protecting your rights and trying to make the best decisions to keep you and yours safe all while trying to make it home to theirs.

      • Sonya

        Mike, You are awesome! Mark is a wrong. Mike, I am thankful the officer did his job. The guy who ran probably realized he did not have his seatbelt on, and knew he had warrants out for his arrest, panicked and ran. But, Mikes points are very valid. Officers are paid to protect people, and what if it had been your little girl with a known felon and she did not know it. Think about it. If it was my daughter, I can’t tell you how thankful I would be to that officer.

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