Awesome dad dances ‘Cowboy Twerk’ with daughter after he gets home from work

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Video of a father dancing the “Cowboy Twerk” with his 2-year-old daughter has gone viral.

“This is what happens when daddy gets home from work. It’s why I love him so good. Hopefully I don’t get in too much for trouble for posting this!!!” Chessi Erin Griffith-Price posted on Facebook.

Chessi described Justin Price’s dancing with 2-year-old Malli as “Cowboy Twerking.”

The video has been viewed nearly one million times on YouTube and has been shared almost 200,000 times on Facebook.


  • Chucky

    Some of those moves while he was holding her look like they could cause injuries to her neck or back. Yikes.

  • Kat

    I knew someone would have something negative to say. Shut up, they are both having a good time, he was supporting her back/spine, she is fine.

    • Chucky

      And you know she is fine how? Ever heard of “shaken baby syndrome”? I don’t see that he is supporting her head. In fact, he has one arm up in the air while he is holding her and dancing. I thought it was cute up to the point where he picked her up and moving her about so quickly.

  • Bo Diddley

    Daddy looks like he ‘s been drinking. “Why I love him so good”? What kind of hick grammar is that?

    • Tracy

      Hmm. ..she is a hick? And this comes from someone named Bo Diddley!!!!! I think you should really rethink that one!!!..hahaha!

    • Chucky

      You say that but you’d be one of the ones demanding that charges be filed if the child was injured. Deny it but you know it’s true. Ask any doctor or physical therapist who has seen the video. He was moving her around abruptly and contrary to what Kat stated, he was not supporting her head the whole time.

  • Tess

    She is in tip top shape. I just saw her yesterday. Her Daddy isn’t a drinker either. I know all of them personally. Just having a great time….

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