Alice Cooper still rocking 40 years later

Rocker Alice Cooper shocked a lot of parents in the 70s ... but kids loved him.

Now, 40 years later ... he's still rocking fans.

But it wasn't an easy road.

It's all being told in a new documentary called "Super Duper Alice Cooper."

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    • JT

      Amen, Bill W! Hard to beat “Eighteen,” “School’s Out,” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy.” He literally pioneered that whole genre. Without Cooper, no Kiss, no Ozzy, no Marilyn Manson–in short, no biting social criticism in rock music!

  • hardrockfootballfanatic

    Cooper is still a great live act and to this day still puts out great albums. I know he is known largely for his epic 70’s work but the guy still puts out really good albums. I highly recommend The Last Temptation (1994) and Brutal Planet (2000). My favorite Alice album ever was From the Inside.

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