Stokes Co. man convicted of dragging dog to death faces sex abuse charges

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Jonathan Mason Evans

STOKES COUNTY, N.C. — One of two men convicted of chaining a dog to the back of a truck in Stokes County and dragging the animal to death is now accused of sexual abuse.

Jonathan Mason Evans, 19, faces charges of first degree sexual offense, indecent liberties with a child, sexual battery and assault on a child under 12, according to court records.

The suspect faces two counts of each of the four charges. Deputies have not released details on the crimes.

First degree sexual offense and indecent liberties with a child are both felonies, while the other charges are misdemeanors. Evans has court planned for July 23.

Evans was found guilty in April of felony animal cruelty, along with Jose Lopez. Both were sentenced to 90 days in jail and a suspended sentence of 7-18 months.

Evans, then 18, was found guilty of abusing the German shepherd mix dog and then chaining it to the back of a pickup truck. After that, Lopez, then 35, drove the truck down the road, killing the dog.

A witness said Evans picked the dog up over his head and slammed it to the ground twice. Evans was reportedly upset because the dog bit him.

Lopez and Evans are not allowed to own any more animals and were sentenced to undergo a mental health evaluation.


  • looky

    Should have shot both of these POSS when they tortured the poor animal to death !! N.C. JUSTICE at work people !!

  • stinger90

    When they dragged that poor dog to it’s death should’ve been a sign of things to come. This time, I hope he get’s his.

    • j r nance (@rnance1950)

      Both of them will retain a Sleaze Lawyer & the Sleaze Judge will rule for the Sleaze lawyer & they will probably receive Probation like last time or maybe will pull about 3 months & be out free as birds, just another example of the Worst Judicial System in the Country here in North Carolina…..

      • greatclits

        while your view is somewhat biased these are their rights, christian twisted thinking humans put this in place long ago, so hate your heritage as they created this judicial mess, as for me abusers should have their windpipe cut asap, more fresh air for you and I

    • Thomas Noell

      GC, did it ever occur to you that many of the champions of animals rights are Christians? One only has to see the people behind Susie’s Law to comprehend that fact, but sadly, narrow-minded, anti-Christian bigots like you are too blinded by your hate to discern that truth.

  • FaithC

    Anybody who can abuse a dog and kill it in the manner they did are psychopaths. I am not surprised to read they have now committed a crime such as this. They will continue to commit crimes until the day they die…and that day can not come soon enough.

  • Robin Martinez

    How about leaven Jose’s name out of it he’s not did anything else he was convinced and done his time now leave him alone before I hire a lawyer he has nothing to do with this and yes he’s my husband the best thing that happened to me and my kids

    • j r nance (@rnance1950)

      Lopez dragged a Dog down the Road Chained mind you to a Truck & Killed him, I don’t believe he did any time for that according to how the article read, all Lopez Got was a Suspended Sentence so what punishment is that for what he did NOTHING & oh, that’s right he can’t own a dog now, same old do nothing North Carolina Punishment for Crimes…..

      • Baxter

        I hope that judge has to face the girls father and explain why again he gave the min. sentence . I would like to see his name in print so that we can make sure he has a short career and looses his position. It is well known that animal abuse to that degree is an indicator that far worse crimes are in their future.

    • fuckitall

      let him drag one of your many children down the road. I bet he beats you with a belt. he is a physco. we will keep an eye on your hubby

  • annonymous

    please both of the idiots should be chained to the back of a truckbumper and drug down the road the same way they done this dog because they aint a bit better than the dog they killed and as far as the evans guy maybe by some good grace he will get some prison time and some of the men in there will sexually abuse him but as gross as he is he would probly like it……….

  • navy vet

    What good is there in a mental health evaluation when no mental health services are available? Just another waste of taxpayer money to keep these people employed that can do nothing.

  • Robin Martinez

    I’m going Monday morning to see my lawyer if Jose’s name is not took out of this he has nothing to do with it

    • Baxter

      1st thing you need to do is take steps to make sure you and your children are safe , he may not have a part in this case but this is the type of people he is friends with , and that say something about him. Please be careful and keep you eyes open.

    • fuckitall

      he was charged and convicted. now tell how he had nothing to do with it. animal torture is common in mexico.

    • fuckitall

      go get a lawyer. he will just laugh in your face. oh by the way, do you receive government assistance?

  • Robin Martinez

    He’s the only man I have been with that has never even raised a hand to me he don’t even spank my kids and I was friends with them not him they wouldn’t take no for a answer Jose was just going to take the dog and drop it off some where and they threw the dog off the back of the truck I was home putting my kids to bed

  • Cleo

    Your husband’s crime is public record Robin. Nobody has said Jose was suspect in this case, only his association with his nasty friend.

  • Lori retorn

    Do society a favor and kill them both. They are nothing to this world and it will be
    better place with both of them gone.

  • Martinez de Pasqually

    The largest number of opinions here I would concur that death of a painful nature would indeed be real justice !!

  • Turtle

    Your husband had nothing to do with this particular incident, however, he is a psycho. Any creature masquerading as a human who could inflict that type of torture in another living being is soulless and evil. To quote your tenuous grasp of the English language”he done his time”, I think not, as he received a suspended sentence. When he’s been dragged behind a vehicle on asphalt,
    I’ll consider his “time done”. If this is the best you’ve had in life, my sympathies to your kids, but not you as you chose this loser. Oh,
    and his crime is public record, so good luck with your sleaze bag lawyer. I can’t imagine who would defend such filth. The fact you are defending him is pathetic.

    • Robin Martinez

      You don’t know my husband are me so you need to mind your own business and it maybe public but they had no right bringing my husband name up in this and he went to prison I think I should know

      • Turtle

        It became everyone’s business when he tortured an animal to death. Again, that’s public record, and was witnessed. I only hope your children grow up unscathed by this psychopath you’ve brought into their lives, but with parenting by losers like you they will, sadly, probably grow up to be unproductive , sociopathic members of society also.You’re obviously delusional, and uneducated, but that’s no excuse. He should’ve stayed in prison, at the very least, for his crime. I shudder to think what else he may have done and not been caught. As for the type of friends you have, I hope they’ve never been left alone with your children. But still you defend them., convicted animal abusers, and one an accused child molester. You’re both pathetic.

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