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NC barbecue joint owner says road construction is putting him out of business

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MOORESVILLE, N.C. — A Mooresville restaurant is getting ready to close its doors and they might never reopen.

Randy Rodecki, owner of Carolina Ribs on the Run, told WSOC-TV that he racked up debt during the Brawley School Road construction project between 2010 and 2013.

The construction closed the most visible entrance into his restaurant’s parking lot for several months.

Randy Rodecki, owner of Carolina Ribs on the Run, is getting ready to close his business. (WSOC-TV)

Randy Rodecki, owner of Carolina Ribs on the Run, is getting ready to close his business. (WSOC-TV)

“It cost us roughly $850 a day to stay open during the road construction,” said Rodecki.

An NCDOT representative told Eyewitness News that the project was necessary because congestion on the former two-lane Brawley School Road ranged from 7,800 to 31,900 daily. The counts are expect to increase between 9,200 to 44,700 by 2030, the representative said.

Rodecki filed complaints with NCDOT and the Department of Justice but was not successful.

“Three years of being angry at the state hasn’t done anything for me, except make me angrier, so I need to concentrate more on moving my business, keeping my business and on my family,” said Rodecki.

Rodecki plans to close his restaurant on Aug. 2. However, he’s now turning to the community to try and help him move to a new location.

Rodecki created an account on to take donations. He said anyone who donates will be asked to give their email, and the restaurant will give them a gift certificate worth double the donation to use if the restaurant reopens.

Langtree Lake Norman has agreed to help upfit the restaurant if Rodecki can get the funds to move it, he said.

“Whatever anyone can do we appreciate it, we’re not looking for a handout, we’re looking for help,” said Rodecki.


  • Bo Diddley

    Sure sounds like a handout! These road projects are planned and notified years in advance. You’re a poor business owner if you sit on your rear and rack up debt for 3 years. Call Chef Ramsey, maybe he can school you.

  • heyberto

    I can certainly understand Mr. Rodecki’s frustration, but in 2009, this construction was well underway and publicized. It’s not surprising that WSOC fails to mention that fact. I’m not sure why the state should be complicit in the failure of his business. My best to him and his family, and I hope his relocation is successful.. With so many of the reviews I’ve read, I’d love to try his ribs!

  • Dr. Curtis

    We are so sad they are closing… if he can re-open in a better location, he will be successful without a doubt. The food is AMAZING! My hubby and I have been loyal patrons since moving to Mooresville three years ago. We are foodies and always seek out good local food. Ribs on the run is by far some of the best food Mooresville has to offer. The only reason I see for lack of success is location. You know what they say… location, location, location!

  • Martinez de Pasqually

    Lets hope that he achieves his financial goal and hires someone who can handle the accounts as well as he can prepare his culinary swine !!

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