How much does ‘happiness’ cost in North Carolina?

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How much money would it take to make you “happy” living in North Carolina?

The answer is $73,350 a year, according to new analysis. That’s a little less than the national $75,000 yearly benchmark set by a 2010 Princeton study.

Researcher Doug Short used the 2010 study to adjust that number for each state’s cost of living.

The “happiness” salary is between $65,000 and $69,000 in states like Texas, Mississippi and Kentucky. It’s above $100,000 in New York and Washington, D.C.

The more money a person makes, the more their day-to-day happiness increases, according to the study.

But Short said money will only make you happy up to a point. Once you reach the threshold for your state, money will not improve your day-to-day happiness.

The research analyzed more than 450,000 total responses to Gallup weekly in households across 50 states in 2009.

The mean household income that year was $67,976, 9.4 percent below the happiness threshold, according to the United States Census Bureau.

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  • JWS

    $73,350 gross, then after taxes, auto and homeowners insurance, housing cost, food cost, utilities, cost of a vehicle including tags and inspection and gasoline you will net $4.62. Please do not spend it all in one place. LOL

  • navy vet

    Don’t forget family. Youight end up with$150.00 if you’re lucky you might walk with $150.00.

    • FaithC

      I see Looky , Bo Diddley or whatever you call yourself…is posting under my name again. You truly can’t stand I have a good education and a good job that I am happy with.

      Money can not buy happiness. You can have everything an not be happy, you can have almost nothing and be just fine.

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