City of Wilmington employees must now clock out of work to smoke

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WILMINGTON, N.C. — City of Wilmington employees now have to clock out of work for their smoke breaks, according to WECT-TV.

The new rule started at the beginning of this month and aims to narrow down smoke breaks to employee lunch breaks, according to officials.

North Carolina spends more than $4 billion on health related costs due to smoking, according to recent study.

Project Assist was started with an overall goal of making North Carolina safer and encourages places of employment to go smoke-free. The City of Wilmington is the first to take such measures.

The City of Wilmington and the New Hanover County Health Department said they understand this is not going to be a quick fix.

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  • jliles1205

    As should those who are involved in risky behaviors i.e.overweight employees, women who have multiple abortions at taxpayer expense, parents whose kids are arrested for violent behavior, parents who get taxpayer subsidies and drive luxury cars, people who consume alcohol, people who own dangerous pets.. gee this is fun- could go on forever. When your particular vice comes under scrutiny of the nannie-fascists, things will look a little less black and white.


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