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Mother claims daughter’s accident in Dollar General led to ‘humiliation’ on Facebook

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Dollar General (stock photo)

HOLT, Mo. — A mother is upset after her 2-year-old daughter’s accident in a store led to humiliation on Facebook.

Samantha Sargent is proud of her daughter, Railyn, who was recently potty-trained. But every now and then she has an accident. Which is what happened Monday at their local Dollar General, according to WDAF.

As they were shopping, the toddler had an accident so the mother cleaned her up and bought her new underwear.

When the family went to check out, Railyn was wearing only a shirt and only her new dry underwear with the wet shorts in the cart.

“The lady just started ringing us up, she didn’t really say anything to us until we were almost finished. That’s when she got to the open package of underwear,” Sargent explained. “That’s when she said that she wasn’t properly dressed for a public place and was completely rude and disrespectful, and she humiliated us.”

Sargent went to Facebook asking for feedback, and she was encouraged to talk to the manager. She went back up to the store to complain and expected a call back from the manager.

Instead she said a friend told her the manager posted this on Facebook, asking: “Who thinks it’s ok to have your young daughter in a public place with underwear and a t-shirt?”

This enraged Sargent.

“The biggest part of it was I’m a mom, and that’s my baby, and you don’t talk about my child. That’s a feeling that only a mother can understand,” she said.

Sargent took her complaint to the corporate office, but she says she won’t be going back to the store.

A representative of Dollar General writes:
Dollar General strives to provide customers a respectful, welcoming and pleasant shopping experience with friendly customer service. The recent incident at our store in Holt is not reflective of our mission of Serving Others and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this unfortunate situation may have caused. We are providing additional training to our store associates in Holt to reinforce our company policies regarding customer service and look forward to the opportunity to serve this customer again soon.

Source: WDAF


  • Fur Real Sinner 3

    wow….you know they make depends for kids who have occasional accidents right lady? Why do people think they have a right to do anything…you dont take a baby out with no pants! If she had an accident, you change diaper or whatever and move on…you dont allow a child who just learned to use the potty out in public without a ‘backup’ plan….the nerve of some parents these days! Especially mothers!

    • sally jane

      Did you not read ??/ This was a baby of 2 years old,she had a accident and it was cleaned up and her mom put clean underwear on her………, she was in the checkout line leaving the store NOT parading around in public.NOTHING should have been said and this should not be on the news……PERIOD THE END`

    • Fay

      You need to change you name to ,,,for real idiot ,,,,that way people will know you have nothing in you head,,,but marbles,,,

    • Pat

      You must be a single male. If you read the article she had pants on. What did your mom do at that age. Leave you in a playpen

    • Sam

      I am a mother of a 2 year old and a 3 year old and accidents do happen and that mom did like she should have… would they have liked it better fer her to let her daughter sit in her mess in the cart? Or she could have stolen those rediculous clothes that dollar general sells because their deff not worth paying for. Bottom line we’re talking about a two year which I see in public places all the time wearing panties and t shirts as their clothes it’s not like we’re talking about a 7 or 8 year old… get over yourself and if you look at a 2 year old wearing panies and a t shirt and think it’s innapropriate your a disgusting human being… she’s a baby for God’s sake

  • becki brown

    When did things like this become “news”? Stores piss people off on a daily basis for stupid reasons. Was it inappropriate? Yep. Is is worthy of going to the news about? Nope. She complained to corporate and decided she won’t shop there again. That’s the end of the story.

  • Bo Diddley

    Boo hoo, you got your apology, you must be starving for attention to run home and post it on social media!

  • mimilll

    People have different opinions on any and all things these days. Common sense sometimes goes a long way…some people do not have any though.

  • Ashley

    She should had put pull-ups on her. Trained or not, pull- ups are for training, not underwear. I believe is her fault for not doing the training right.

  • Lucy

    Really people?! If you have no kids you shouldn’t be allowed to comment on this. My 2 almost 3 year old was just recently potty trained and they have accidents, and sometimes I have a back up pair of pants and sometimes (most) of the times I don’t bc I am lucky to remember to match myself that day. Potty training isn’t easy and it is an emotional and psychological thing for toddlers to do. So don’t judge someone who was doing the right thing for her kid, a simple thing like that can back track the kid into diapers!

  • Suzi

    #1…not the cashiers place to comment on a child’s attire…#2 The child was NOT humiliated because someone said she should be wearing more clothes, she undoubtedly didn’t even understand…#3 the child is NOT potty trained if she pees in the store…#4 the woman should have requested a bag to put the wet pants in, cleaned up the pee off the floor, & apologized for the mess, & cleaned the cart before she left…that way the cashier would have KNOWN why the child was wearing only panties & a t shirt.

    • mommaof3

      Really? Just bc a child has an accident doesn’t mean she’s not trained. I’ve seen kids go months without accidents then have one. So when are they considered trained?

    • Tracey

      Did you not READ!! The cashier responsed when she notice the open package missing 1 pair of panties. She did clean the mess. The child is 2 years old not deaf and pottie training at that age is sensitive. And oh yeah, at age 50 something I have had accidents, that is why it is called an accident like your birth!!

  • Kayla Newman

    If she can buy her new underwear since she had an accident, she should have bought her a new pair of shorts also so she would be covered up. IM JUST SAYING.

      • for_real_sinner_3_is_an_idiot

        common sense? common sense would remind you that some people are on budgets, Maybe she just had enough for the underwear, Until you walk someone’s path, Don’t judge them

    • Tracey

      cover up a 2 year old, and what kind of pervert is looking. And she did have a tee shirt on. So between the tee shirt and panties she was fully covered, unlike some of the teenage girls and slutty women.

  • Sandy Craver

    Come on people you can’t have a pullup on a kid forever. Do you not have any children? Small children have accidents and what is improper about a small child in a tshirt and underwear. She is covered and that is the main idea. Why don’t people that don’t have children stay out of conversations about children when they don’t know anything about it.

  • Jerry

    As a parent always have a back up plan. If not, it’s okay, things happen. As a dad, if someone called me out in public after I explained myself which you shouldn’t have to in the first place. I would definitely had a few words. For every action there is a reaction.

  • bkr

    Hey it says no shirt, no shoes no service.. Nothing about pants.. Lol… please so not news worthy.. and as for the cashier all high and mighty working her minimum wage job, Is it really worth your time to comment on a 2 yrs old attire. But, honestly why didn’t she just buy shorts?

    • Tracey

      how much should she pay for her child’s accident? besides the clothes at dollar general usually fall apart, thats if they even had her size. she may have even been on a budget, she was shopping at the dollar general not Macy’s.

  • linda

    I don’t go to dollar generals because the few experiences that I have had at different ones is the employees are very rude. Problem fixed they no longer get my business

    • sinner 3

      My choice as well But i will disparage them every chance I get !! Plus I just don’t like their assehole workers !!

    • Lovenotwar

      Okay in what way does say she isn’t capable of being a mom her daughter had an accident she’s 2 she’s still a baby she did what she could to get her little one in clean clothes and out of wet she IS a good mom this comment of yours is so stupid

  • Rose

    You want to talk about humiliating your daughter? When mine was in the 7th grade in a new school in a new state, she raised her hand and asked to go to the bathroom. The Science teacher said “no”. She held it as long as she could, but couldn’t and was humiliated. When i marched in the next day and confronted the teacher, he said, “If I let one go, I have to let them all go”. No Facebook back then, but if there had been….

  • Former DG Employee

    As a former employee of Dollar General, I found my employment there very difficult as I had worked customer service management for 17 years. I have always had a great relationship with my customers. I found customer complaints weren’t taken seriously. Upper management to the corporate office always found ways to put the blame for almost every complaint on the customer being picky or nit picking. I could totally see this happening at a Dollar General. As a mother myself I understand the need to potty train YOUR child they way you want. Years ago, we had rubber potty pants to put over underwear. Even with those, there were accidents. People need to stop being so judgmental. Yes I was always prepared for accidents BUT sometimes a quick run to the store that shoukd take 20 minutes doesnt warrant packing a bag. Accidents happen people. No need to embarrass a xhild and humiliate a parent. “Judge not least ye be judged”

    • Judge

      You people all ways picking quotes from the bible that you think make sense in the real world !! I would have been more impressed if you had just said .Tell the broad to mind her own damm business !!

  • Emilie Haas

    my 7 year old sometimes has accidents and no I dont bring a change of clothes with me because it dosent happen often. once a child gets to where they are not having accidents on a regular basis then I dont think they should have to wear pull ups. what the mother should have done is buy her some shorts also (they dont cost very much at DG) or wait until she got to the car to change her. But bashing a mom online is uncalled for, she is tryibg to do the best for her daughter, Ive seen worse things than 2 year olds in their panties, so people need to get over it.

  • Rosie

    The mother did the best she could and she did the right thing because no one should be treated that way and by taking a stand in public eye she is taking a stand for all mothers who sometimes have bad days and do all they can at the moment and for those hard working moms they deserve respect!!

  • Randy Jessup

    This child is two I would be surprised if she can remember this next Friday so not sure how humiliating having an accident is Have you seen the people of Walmart there are folks in their 40’s and 50’s having accidents all the time. I think what she meant to say was that she was humiliated and she needs to just get over it. Pitching a fit on Facebook is only publicizing it even more.

  • mommaof3

    The toddler had an accident!! Big deal! Maybe the mother should have had a change of clothes since she was recently potty trained, however not everyone trains the same way. Pull-ups, in my opinion, are just diapers made like underwear, something to make money with. Something that confuses a toddler, however all kids are different. My first child never put a pair on and was trained before she was 15 months both day and night. It took my second child til she was two bc she had to use them at daycare. Stop judging the mother for doing what was best for HER child. This is so not news worthy, but is there a difference the toddler wearing a Pull-ups and shirt??

  • Tracey

    Pull ups are not good tools for training. They are not panties and give a false sense of security. You must have stock in the diaper companies or maybe your on the rag and need your own pull ups or depends, PERIOD. We didn’t use pull ups in my day and I bet your mother didn’t use them on you.

  • patricia stone

    OMGosh she is only 2years old who cares if she had shorts on,it was not the cashiers place to say anything and the child had clothes at home she only had an accident so why buy clothes she did not need accidents do happen to children and everyone else at some point in life.

  • Lovenotwar

    Some of you commenting this sound stupid 1 the baby is only 2 years old she’s still might have accidents and wearing pull ups isn’t going to help a little one learn to use the potty 2 : the mother was doing the best she could it’s Dollar General it’s not going to have much clothes and she is more then likely on a budget 3: you people can’t judge her or criticize her she’s being a mom she got her new underwear to wear and kept her shirt on who gives a shit if there was shorts on she’s a little one it shouldn’t matter if she has shorts on most teenage girls wear stuff that shoes their private parts in stores so why not yell at them for it ? But yell at a mom for a 2 year old who’s only wearing a shirt and underwear

  • Enough Already

    How about this: stop posting EVERYTHING on Facebook! Don’t post about your daughter’s accident and don’t post about something that happened at your store! Life was easier when people just moved on with life instead of broadcasting every inch of their lives to the public.

  • Pat

    Another BS response from the corporate suits that give only lip service. Their is no more customer service. The large corporations are just figuring more ways to blow smoke up the consumers **s while figuring more ways to cut labor and make everything self service. Thank the banks for 2008. You are getting nothing but part timers that don’t care, or salary management that has to pick up the slack. Get use to it consumers. This is the more with less corporate policy now.

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