Three arrested following string of vehicle break-ins in Forest Oaks area of Greensboro

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Casey Raymer, Brian Melville, Aaron Finch.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Three men have been arrested following a string of vehicle break-ins in the Forest Oaks area of Greensboro.

Deputies responded to the neighborhood around 12:30 a.m. Saturday after getting a call about a suspicious vehicle.

When they stopped the car, they found several pieces of stolen property that was reported stolen from vehicle recently broken into in the neighborhood.

Three men were taken into custody including Casey Allen Raymer, 18, of Burlington; Brian Christopher Melville, 17, of Greensboro; and Aaron Bradley Finch, 18, of Greensboro.

They were each charged with two counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle, one count of larceny of a firearm and two counts of misdemeanor larceny.

All three men were placed in the Guilford County Jail in Greensboro under $35,000 secured bond.


  • Afriend

    This news story doesn’t tell all the details. They are leaving out lots of important stuff. They want you to believe that all of these young men were involved in and arrested for ALL the recent vehicle break-ins. They have not been charged with anything other than this one incident – and for at least one of these young men, I am personally sure he was not involved. Innocent til proven guilty, remember?! And by the way of again, personal knowledge, none of these boys are low life, white trash. They all come from loving families who have provided the best environment as they grew up that they could. All 3 are very recent High School graduates – one about to go into the military, one about to start college. I do wish the news folks would get ALL the details before they put something out there like this that makes these boys sound like hardened criminals.

    • Bob

      I hate to break it to you “afriend” but even if he wasn’t actually inside one of the cars snatching valuables like his buddies, he’s guilty by association, and is an accomplice to the crime. He well may be a “good kid” but he better learn to use his “good kid” judgement to find better friends to hang with. I had my car broken into on Christmas morning a couple years back, and after you become a victim, watching guys like this get arrested always puts a smile your face.

      • M

        I hate to break it to you “Bob” but clearly a news story containing 4-5 sentences does NOT tell the whole story! I know one of the boys and there is more to it!! Now, I’m not saying if you do a crime you shouldnt be held accountable, because you should. These guys will have their day in court and the truth on what happen will come out and whos responsible for what. — It’s so easy to judge from the other end of a keyboard.

    • sinner 3

      No one blames the family I blame the person for their own actions, there fore They will all need an object lesson in real world results for their actions ! Still stop these white trash little hoodlums before they go astray any further !

    • James

      Hey Friend, If you feel so compelled to believe that they are innocent then Bond them out and let them live with you until their court date. Call me at (336) 295-BOND!!!!

  • Money Bags

    Do the crime, Do the time! I am sure momma and poppa are proud of each of you right now! Career criminals in the making! Enough Said!

    • Peaches

      yes….they are so proud of them…WOW…of course not…how bout sick to there stomachs. And don’t judge! The whole story is not out there.

      • Chucky

        If any part of the story involves them entering someone else’s car and removing belongings that they do not have permission to own, than that is enough of the story for me unless you can tell me that someone held them at gun point and forced them to do it.

  • Good Friend

    Never would have expected this from any of these guys. I had class with each of them this year 3 with Brian and 2 with Aaron. As a younger classmate i would have to help them out in class, but this just doesn’t sound like the type of thing these guys would do, honestly.

  • Afriend

    Again. Innocent until proven guilty! These are good kids. The news is reporting what they can to pumping it up make into a sensational story to catch your attention. Yes, there has been a rash of vehicles broken into in the Forest Oaks area recently. As a matter of fact – the details regarding the apprehension as reported is not accurate when the police report is compared. They simply don’t have the facts straight. At this time, these KIDS have not been indicated in ANY of those. They are charged (and have not been tried) regarding ONE incident… and the details have not been shared. Don’t jump to conclusions about the character of these boys – none have ever had any run-ins with the law in the past. As bad as this may sound at the moment – further investigating with bring out the truth, whatever it may be. These are good kids from good families. Their families are all very upset and concerned for their children – who have all never shown any tendencies toward breaking the law. Can we please just let the truth come out before you try and sentence them on a webpage? Furthermore – if it were YOUR kid being publicly accused and blasted with out being able to speak for themselves – when you thought they were innocent how would YOU feel?

    • Peaches

      AFriend….I totally agree…people shouldn’t jump to conclusions after one story, especially not knowing the whole situation!!!!!

    • M

      Don’t waste your time with these news feed losers! If you look at half the news stories its the same losers posting comments trying to stir stuff up or just using different names. — In the end the truth will come out and anyone responsible will be have to answer for it, simple as that!

  • Deliverance

    If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck – guess what? ITS A DUCK! So before you post or comment on this article and try and defend these criminals, let me report something from the article – “When they stopped the car, they found several pieces of stolen property that was reported stolen from vehicle recently broken into in the neighborhood.”…….so with that little bit of information, who wants to say they are innocent and good kids? lol….obviously they have you fooled as well because they commited crime and deserve to be locked up for it! I dont care what they were before and what people think of them prior, they are now criminals and have a rap sheet just like DMX and Justin Bieber! So defend who you want, but they ARE GUILTY!!!! Take that to the white meat!

  • Bo Diddley

    Amazing that “Afriend” claims the important details were left out, but “Afriend” shares no specific details…ok boys, kiss your military and college careers goodbye. I look forward to telling each of them how I like my car washed in the near future. I’m sure innocents regularly ride around with stolen items in their cars…

  • T

    They are lucky they did not get shot whether all 3 were in on it, or just one was and the other 2 were guilty of just picking the wrong one to hang out with. Or whether it was just some stupid prank.

  • Bob R

    Wake up people, they stole firearm. There lucky they got busted before they used it or were killed by some one else!

  • Bev Murrelle

    In this country we are innocent until proven guilty! I think it was mentioned in the original post that one of these guys is going to begin college, one is going into the military, etc., etc., etc. What has that got to do with an alleged criminal act? Again, I believe, “Innocent until proven guilty”, but I also believe that being “good” and being “lawful” has nothing to do with “going into the military” or “going to college”. The “Show Cause” is there, over and over again. Brilliant people and “not-so-brilliant people” fall into the same genre when it comes to breaking the law… Genre meaning “Criminal” if proven guilty. An open mind needs to come forward without distinguishing between the two. Otherwise, not truth, but prejudiced behavior is directing judicial recommendations.

    • James

      Are you serious? 3 young MEN riding around in an upscale neighborohood, 16 miles from downtown Greensboro after Midnight with no explanation of what they were doing there because none of them where from that area. Gets pulled over because a resident from the neighborhood reported their car as a “suspicious vehicle” that was driving slowly through forest oaks with no lights on. The GC Sheriff’s Dept. stops the car and questions their where abouts and activity and upon further search of the car specific items reported earlier and currently were found in the the vehicle.
      Okay… I have a theory. One of the boys was a full time vigilante. One was in training for covert military skills and the other was preparing early for an English paper at Davidson County Community College. The Vigilante recovered all the stencil goods from a hide out under Emerald Pointe where the three boys slipped through the gates last week. The items were tagged with addresses so the Vigilante was returning the items and they did it late so they would have the cover of darkness and had the lights off so not to be seen. The problem was nobody new where the actual addresses were and so they were driving slow to be sure they returned the stuff to the right people.
      Maybe the DA will consider that twist on things.

  • Bev Murrelle

    James, I’m in your corner. I just read my post again, and I was obviously not clear in expressing my genuine thoughts. Though I believe, “Innocent until proven guilty,” I will become more than disappointed (a mild word) if the judge does not find these guys “guilty” with all evidence (the “show cause” that you have clarified) placed before him. Clearly, if I was one of 12 who believed in their lack of innocence, the juror would be “hung” forEVER!

  • Byron M

    The biggest travesty here is calling Forest Oaks an upscale neighborhood. That’s like saying Lynwood Lakes actually has a lake. Forest Oaks is a dump and it will get worse.

    • James

      Sorry to offend your opinion of Forest Oaks as I did refer to it as an upscale neighborohood. Upscale referring to the economic difference of both home values and employment encompassing evaluations compare to areas like the Glenwood Community. Most homes in those areas max out at $100k and average $56k where as Forest Oaks starts around $135k and climb over $300k. Now I hate to do this but you hit my buddies in Lynnwood too so a very long time ago I looked that up as well. Webster defines a lake as a body of water surrounded by all sides but has recently added that if the water at any point is deeper than light can reach the bottom and prevent photosynthesis from occurring then it’s a lake. Otherwise it’s a pond. Therefore, Lynwood’s body of water at 23 foot definitely qualifies as a lake. Sorry! As for the main topic, the boys Peaches and Friend haven’t been indicted because all arrest charges on scene begin in districtthe court and get the defendant a first appearance. When the Grand jury reconvenes, I’m sure there will be other considerations. Question is which one will take the plea to see the other two fry?

    • Bev Murrelle

      Byron has taken us off the topic, but I’m going to respond. Byron you are talking about friends you haven’t met yet. Since I live in Forest Oaks, I do not appreciate it being called a dump. My house is small. I don’t have a lot, materially, but I work every single day to keep my house painted, house cleaned, landscape pruned, so that the special friends and neighbors who live in FO will enjoy being with me for visits. When a person works really hard to take care of what they have and someone calls it a dump, this calls for a reply. Forest Oaks is by no means a dump. If you experienced it, I believe you would appreciate the way friends take care of friends out here. We have each other’s back. As for higher end neighborhoods, economically, Forest Oaks may no longer be defined as upscale, economically. Few neighborhoods in Greensboro are. But if you’re looking to live in an area with great folks, it is one of the highest ends you’ll find. I say this, because I’ve had the experience of living in different areas of Greensboro my entire life. I don’t care where we live, we ALL want to be safe. My house is safe with cameras & the like. Sadly. we all need this equipment anywhere we live today. As for the actual topic, robberies are happening all over, and like James, I hope these 3 guys reap the consequences that they so deserve.

  • Peaches

    The story is coming out and one of the boys had nothing to do with it. Actually when he found out what one was doing, he walked away from it. But of course, we are human and we tend to be so quick to judge.

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