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Plus size teen claims she was kicked off Instagram because of weight

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio -- Samm Newman knows what she is.

"I’m a big girl, I’m proud, and I post lots of body love," Newman said.

But what she doesn't know is why that got her kicked off Instagram.insta1

"How confident can you be if you keep censoring yourself because people don't want to look at you?" Newman asked.

The 19-year-old Chillicothe student didn't used to have the greatest self-esteem. She was bullied through junior high and high school, and she harmed herself to cope.

“There were times when I ate lunch in the bathroom,” Newman said.

Then, she found a new source of support online, and began taking part in a body positivity movement on Instagram.

A group of women used hashtags like “body positivity” and “pizza sisters 4 lyfe,” and posted pictures and compliments.

“It was my safe place, because when I went there, I could share anything,” Newman said.

But did she share too much? Over the weekend, Newman’s account was removed.insta2

Instagram said she violated their community guidelines under their “what not to do headline.” They warn against sharing photos that show nudity or mature content.

Newman said it’s a double standard. The photo that rendered her account useless was Newman in her favorite polka dot boy shorts and a bra.

“I didn't find them or the bra at all inappropriate,” Newman said. “They covered me entirely, and I've seen pictures like that all over Instagram.”

The size 24 teen says it’s size discrimination, and there are plenty of photos of thin women wearing much less, even nothing at all.

Newman said she’s reported some accounts, and they are still active.

In the meantime, she’s concentrating on the end result of all this, and hopes her story will be a motivation for others.

“I’m going to make a difference in the world, regardless of whether Instagram cooperates or not,” Newman said.

A spokesperson from Instagram made the following statement on Newman’s incident, saying:

“When our team processes reports from other members of the Instagram community, we occasionally make a mistake. In this case, we wrongly removed content and worked to rectify the error as soon as we were notified. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Source: WCMH/CNN


  • l337g33k

    If she really loved her body, perhaps she would try to take better care of it. Childhood obesity isn’t something to be proud of.

    • Kerri

      Your pathetic. Some people just come from big families where they are born into obesity and for you to say she should take better care of yourself is rude and uneducated if you read she is part of a class which helps her feel better about herself. I totally agree I see half naked if not naked women posted all over the Internet (thin ofcourse) why is it any different because narrow minded people like you don’t want to see it.

      • Ech.

        Goodness. She’s very obese. And either very clever, or an idiot (you’d only post things like this to get attention….so she might actually like it). She needs to lose weight. No excuses. Remember tubbs and dubbettes, just eat less. Move more. Can’t cheat thermodynamics, neither can your genetic history or thyroid.

    • greatclits

      you took the words right out of……. i stand with you on this one, an unhealthy body weight, along with her poor diet and lack of exercise she has crafted a disappointment to herself and her image, she is now to lazy to desire to change so she looks for sympathy from the others that are too lazy to change. Oh well, death comes faster for those that make poor choices and live a lie

      • Homer Richards

        While I must agree that the poor girl could stand to lose some weight, I think it is classic that someone like you would toss up a post like you are perfect, yet you do not understand the difference between “to,” “too,” or “two.” She can lose weight to be sure, but you are dumb as a rock. Tell me, what are your plans on correcting YOUR situation? You don’t have any because you were TOO lazy to pay attention in school. No capitalization, improper punctuation, poor grammar, and your handle is “greatclits.” Clearly you’ll end up living in your parents house well into your 30’s. You are worse than fat, you are a lazy oxygen thief.

    • Jo

      I completely agree with you. I think she is taking the “I love my body” stance to avoid doing something to make a real difference, not only in her weight, but her health as well. No young girl should look like that. It’s just plain gross, and the only people who would say she looks okay are those who themselves are fat.

    • lisa

      Whether or not she is or isn’t healthy or likes the way she looks or really doesn’t is besides the point. She is rite. There are Alot of pics that I have seen on instagram that are far more revealing then these. What is comes down to is that is does seem like discrimination bc her pics weren’t removed her whole account was.

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    I know she’s 19 years of age, but why does her parents condone this type of behavior or did her psychiatrist recommend this as treatment for her phobia’s or illness, who knows but seems to me if she’s this hung-up on her weight she’s had ample time to do something about it, but what do I know???

  • larry

    At a girl :) THE LORD made us all different and I applaud you . It’s a shame the world is like this. I myself are guilty of some stupid stuff. You have more backbone than most of the people reading this.

    • Tracey

      Larry, The LORD advacates modesty. Its ok to love your body but you don’t have to show it to every body. He says come as you are but don’t stay that way after you get here. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, treat it as such. Paul said to beat your body into submission not eat your body into submission. She might have had less photo issues if she actually worn something that fits, even big girls can look good in the right size bikinis. make better choices and get better responses.

  • Tear Drop

    Anybody who has self esteem issues does this nonsense…she is not happy with what she looks like or she would not be making a big deal of being removed….she is unhappy and pretty much going to a a lard @ss her whole life. I like big girls just like I like tiny ones, but there is such a thing as nasty….and this is one of those things!

  • Preemie Mommy

    With all due respect, I don’t think obesity is anything to be proud of. It would be cause to celebrate, and show off pics if she had recently lost weight , or had accomplished a goal. But I didn’t read anything like that in this story. Obesity, like smoking has a direct link to a plethora of health problems and premature death. Why is that something to show off?

    • M

      It’s called double standards! If she was “skinny” no one would care that she’s posting half naked pics because thats just the thing to do, right? “showing off” your high self esteem no matter what size you are shouldn’t be judged and discouraged! wow, I wonder if you teach your kids to judge others like you do? Get over yourself!

      • Tracey

        Wrong!! If she was just skin and bones wearing a bikini that didn’t fit it would still be nasty!! Being big is not her problem. There are lots of designer wear for big girls that show off thier curves. Its what she was wearing and its fit that deemed it provocative. It was removed because it was inappropriate meaning some one thought she was being to sexy. She says they are boy short but they look like her bra and underwear. the shorts part is missing or hidden, or rolled up as not to look like shorts.

    • bess

      Ugh, it’s people like you that make bigger girls have self esteem issues. Why can’t an obese girl be proud of her body? After all, it’s HER freaking body. I get that being over weight is unhealthy but being skinny doesn’t automatically make you healthy. So why can a girl who wears a size 0 be proud of her body, and a girl who wears size 24 shouldn’t be? There are plenty of reasons why someone is overweight, depression being a big one. Being bigger is already hard enough in this messed up society. Gaining weight is so easy whereas losing it is hard. It’s not as simple as “eat less and move more.” I used to be overweight and it was extremely hard to lose it. I didn’t even eat much. And looking back, I should have been proud of my body. Being self conscious held me back from so many things, I literally wouldn’t even walk on the beach in a one piece bathing suit because of people like you that make bigger women feel bad about their bodies. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that girls OR boys should flaunt being overweight (like hey, look at me I’m obese and you should be too!) but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own skin and proud of your own body.

      • Tracey

        When you put herself out there on social media like Instagram you are intentionally openning yourself up to both possitive and negative reactions!!! Don’t get mad when the negative remarks appear!!

  • Jeanette

    YOU GO GIRL!!! keep showing your body make these people hate more your a very beautiful and strong girl , God made us all beautiful in our own way but some people personality make them ugly like the ones in the comments above bc they have nothing better to do but go around and say hurtful stuff to kind people we’ll for one thing they must not be happy with their fake life or body to be hateing on someone else’s life and being mean and saying hurtful things about others we’ll shame on you this girl right here is just proud of her body the way it is and she’s comfortable in her own skin she’s beautiful the way she is call it what you like but all I see is beauty , who gives y’all the right to judge someone??? Huh? y’all don’t know the real meaning of beauty then let me enlighten you so called judge mental people – Beautiful/beauty means all things in a person , it could be their smile , or the way they walk or talk a certain way , or their talent , or what there good at , or theirs eyes or how they do things it’s not their size that matters it’s them their self it’s what’s on the inside what’s in their heart it’s them their own person their own beauty they were not put here for your judgment God Made us all for a reason and he made us in our own beauty each one of us stands out in our own way for a reason he didn’t won’t us all to look the same we all are beautiful but when it comes to being ugly inside and judging every person we see and being hurtful to others to make your self feel better we’ll I hate to say this but your not beautiful so you look in the Mirror bc you have imperfections too we all do we are not perfect we are all different in our own way !!!!!! So stop judging and hurting people look at yourself first !!!! She is very outstanding beautiful you go girl keep your head up high :)

    • Tracey

      Don’t hide behind God, “I wish that you should proper and be in good health”. Gluteny is one of the 10 deadly sins, why? Because it destroys the temple. Paul advocated exercising in order to run the this race. Its ok “do you” just do it in a way that encourages not discourages.

      • Jeanette

        I’m not hiding behide God he’s right beside me , but it’s done and over with just leave the girl alone for doing something she believes in and felt strong about ! I’m not arguing bc I’m a better person !! And God no one knows the real truth all we know someone made us for a reason the truth will come out soon ….

        Sincerely. Jeanette

  • Ahayes

    Seriously people…the only thing wrong with the photo is that she is a bigger girl. A girl 125 lb could post the same picture and never be thought of to be removed. If people don’t want to look at her than DONT! It really is that simple. Also for those that think her posting pictures is to get attention are crazy, for someone that has body image issues to post something that would get a negative backlash take a lot of strength…perfect example is ALL THESE COMMENTS that are telling her to take better care of herself and she should not post pictures like that…blah blah blah…don’t assume you know all her story, maybe this is her first steps in getting healthy! Maybe your comment will push her back into hurting herself…its a chance she is taking to get her instagram back…its her rights people. Get over your beliefs and judgments and think about the person, not their flaws.

  • Money Bags

    Sickening to promote being fat! What kind of world do we live in to allow fat girls post pictures of that disgusting stuff!

    • Jeanette

      You are a Very mean person and obviously don’t care about other peoples feelings, you going to call your mom or daughter or niece or grandmother or sister , disgusting bc they have weight in them ? What if it’s health issues or bc of takeing a certain medicine that made them that way? How dare you be so rude and mean people like you is what makes our world ugly !!! Get a life and quit sitting around and Judging people just bc she wants to stand out and show who she is doesn’t give you the right to sit here and called bad names And Judge her for doing something she believes in !! So get a life why don’t you worry about what you look like hummmm how about that !!!

      Sincerely Jeanette :)

    • WTH

      the kinda world that also gives a speaker box to mindless, judgmental idiots as yourself! Scary isn’t it!!

  • Lisa

    What’s wrong with having some modesty??? Why do girls, large or small, think they have to show skin or look sexy to get recognition, respect or admiration? She can be proud and at the same time cover up. There are so many beautiful outfits for women of all shapes! Wish girls would get more interested in fashion for their shapes rather than showing their shape. Same goes for all those skinny girls. There is more to life than showing off your body! Getting off my soapbox now.

  • Erin redd

    I too believe obesity is not something to celebrate or encourage,but I think this young lady is simply learning to be comfortable in her skin,and this was a way for her to face her demons head on. I’m not a “obese” woman,but I have a few extra pounds on me at the moment,and I shudder at the thought of being photographed in even a one piece bathing suit,so I must give her props for having the courage to put herself out there,to show everyone that beauty is only skin deep. I do hope she decides to take on a healthier life style,she could really be a role model for other overweight teens and young woman,to see that if she can loose weight and be healthy,so can they..For me,it’s a health issue and nothing more,being overweight us simply unhealthy,and it’s an epidemic here in the United States,killing thousands of people each year,young and old,black and white,rich or poor,obesity does not discriminate,it’s a killer of the worst kind,because there’s no target,and anyone can be affected. I wish this young lady the best,and I do hope instagram allows her to continue to use the site as a platform to promote self confidence and healthy self image..

  • michelle

    Modesty issues aside, this isn’t all that different than anorexic girls being proud of the effects of their eating disorders. Same issues on different ends of the scale.

  • seriously?

    she can flaunt her that body at the pool/beach or walk down her own street half naked if she’s so proud but please keep it off of the news and social media

  • Bo Diddley

    Yuck, glad that got censored…let’s bring back judging and shaming and quit telling everybody they are beautiful no matter what. Quit taking selfies and get outside and burn some calories…

  • tiffany stacey

    This is dumb. Im a “bigger girl” and I post stuff like this on there and I’ve never been removed.

    • Tracey

      You post yourself in a mixmatch bra and panties? You post yourself in shorts that are so short you can’t see the thigh fabric, instead it looks like undies a size too small. Or do you post yourself in clothes that fit and compliment your size? Big difference! (no pun intended)

  • Valerie Denise Arnold

    i’m so sick of hearing people say that overweight or extreme overweight people do not eat healthy or workout etc did you guys really seriously ever think for once that some of them may have health issues that causes weight gain. for instance PCOS ( women only) most of the time PCOS is undetected until a woman gains a great amount of weight and by then they have gain over 100 plus pounds and with having PCOS diagnoses it also means it very hard much harder to lose the weight than someone who does not have it. think before u open ur big mouth about something you have no clue about. some people where born without health issues that causes weight gain and others were born with it.

  • Marti

    I agree that size should not matter. I hate that she is that obese at such a young age..I come from a family of ” large ” people..and I know how hard it is to lose it. I also know how it will affect her health as she gets older…best to try and eat healthy now while metabolism is still ” alive “…will feel better.

  • Mari

    Now as rude as you people are she does have rights over her own body. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that she takes pictures like this. Don’t set double standards because if she was a girl who was skinny you would not say the same things. The only thing is she wasn’t “Kicked” off of instagram because she’s fat. Fat or skinny she’s beautiful. She was “Kicked” off because what she posted is indeed against the guidelines though they are not always vigilante about it and in all honesty somebody probably reported her. All of you people, women even should be ashamed of yourselves shaming a girl who is body positive. You guys are ridiculous. People always feel they have to put their negative opinion in everything and it’s really unnecessary.

  • me

    All this negative talk about being unhealthy and making it seem like she is wrong for loving her body. I have weighed the same amount for the past ten years. With exercise and stupid special diets. Nothing works i have tried almost everything. So leave her alone if she is proud of her body let her be proud. She doesn’t need to come from the same cookie cutter as the rest of you people .

  • anonymous

    All these people need to stop posting pictures half naked or completely naked. It’s disgusting and makes them look desperate. And this girl needs to lose weight, no doubt about it. She’s over weight and unhealthy. Being over weight is disgusting. Being super skinny is disgusting. Being healthy is good. It’s good to have confidence but when you’re so big you can’t see your feet, you need to change. Her profile being deactivated because she was over weight is wrong but she shouldn’t be posting half naked pictures and I agree with them deactivating her for that. If anyone gets deactivated for being half naked, it’s a good thing. I don’t want to see a half naked skinny, big or healthy person.

  • Mandalorian

    So… If the good people at Instatwitterfacegrambook already apologized and admitted their mistake of possibly thinking Jaba was naked, this all basically is for nothing? Let’s post some gross pictures and read the comments of the ignorant.
    90% of the women I know that are “skinny” and post pictures are proud to do so because of the work they put into it.
    You can’t be proud of something you didn’t work for, contribute to or create. If pride came of things that you couldn’t help… pride would be meaningless!
    You can be proud of things like heritage, not skin color. Proud for making a stand, not orientation, weight or hand offs… If you don’t DO anything, you then have nothing to be proud of.
    Now to slap that love label on it just proves how sad this all really is. Love is a construct of life’s ups and downs; trust, passion, pain, loss, second chances… So many things, all of them connected and all of them necessary.
    I believe her struggles, I doubt her work and I question heart. I think she was forced down this path, she didn’t choose it but now accepts it. Putting it out there doesn’t mean you love it. This didn’t come from pride and this isn’t what love is. Love shouldn’t brag, boast or have the indecency to throw it out there for others to deal with. If this was truly her embrace, there would be no need to compare with “skinny” girls or report their accounts. Nitpicky hatred and snide remarks doesn’t host to or contribute to someone’s well-being.

  • Rae

    I’ve been over weight my entire life. I’m 24, currently losing the weight, 43 pounds down. And I say this, if she has the self pride to join the movement let her. Who are any of you to judge. Don’t you realize what kind of effect your hateful words have? When you are over weight at such a young age its mostlikely caused by what your fed or let eat at home. I know mine was.

    My main point here is none of you know her story. And if this was a skinny girl with hardly any clothes on no one would have cared. This world is so full of close minded people. Something my grandma once told me about people staring at other people “if you don’t like it you don’t have to look!”

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