Trial for Panthers’ Greg Hardy to begin Tuesday

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Greg Hardy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Greg Hardy is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday on charges of assault on a female and communicating threats.

The domestic violence charges stem from a May 13 situation with his girlfriend.

Hardy’s 24-year-old girlfriend told police that he beat her up in his uptown apartment during a fight. Hardy’s attorney said it was the girlfriend who was the aggressor.

But arrest warrants filed in court said the girlfriend had visual signs of bruising and swelling to both her arms and her back.

The police report states the two have been in a relationship since September 2013.

Hardy, nicknamed The Kraken, was drafted by Carolina in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft and played his college ball at Ole Miss.

Panthers training camp begins on July 26.

Source: WSOC


  • Tear Drop

    Lock him up for 6 months. Thats what would happen if he was not a football player and an average Joe like all of us readers,

    • Tear Drop

      He abused a woman…thats called assault whether its your first offense or 10th. You dont get a ‘get out of jail free’ card because you never been in trouble before…..go do some checking up on your Greg Hardy history and this is not his first time losing his cool with woman and being abusive. Such ‘sheep’ some people are!

  • minnesoulja

    tear drop you should get the facts before making a knee jerk reaction like that. The gal didnt even show up to her protection order hearing. I do think things may have been a little dicey in that condo, but the only witness says she instigated it, and bruises and swelling on the arms is indicative of defensive marks left on a woman being assaulted by a female aggressor. Look into it fella.

  • Fore

    Glad I got to see kraken play wake forest several years ago. Had great seats to see the game. Shocker WF won the game. I agree with the att. She was the agreessor that would not leave his residence in the early morning hours and he did what he did to protect his himself job and home. She is probably sorry she did not listen to him of he loses his contract bonus and has to do court ordered community service with probation where it leaves hardy a sitting duck for more trouble caused by others who has less then a football player with dreams health and talent with football. With a rebel yell she cries more more more

  • Money Bags

    Typical idiot who will blame others for their own shortcomings…I am blaming both. You make millions, shut up and deal with each other. If your unhappy, leave…if not, call the cops…never is it cool for a man or woman to hit each other and if one does, walk out and call the cops…especially if your making millions of dollars and a target! But again, I dont think the woman was right or wrong in this situation, but I do know this Hardy character is guilty and should have kept his cool and left the room if she was such a problem….Uneducated maybe?

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