Panthers’ Greg Hardy found guilty of assault on a female, gets 18 months probation

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Greg Hardy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Panthers’ defensive end Greg Hard was found guilty of assault on a female and communicating threats Tuesday night, according to WSOC.

The judge dismissed a sentence of 60 days in jail for Hardy and instead sentenced him to 18 months of supervised probation.

Hardy has appealed the verdict, according to Charlotte Observer Panthers beat writer Joe Person. It could be six months to a year before Hardy gets his jury trial.

Under the terms of Hardy’s probation, Hardy is not allowed to have contact with Nicole Holder. The judge also banned Hardy from going to Suite nightclub while Holder is working. Additionally, Hardy is allowed to travel while on probation but cannot have any guns in his possession.

The probation sentence is on hold since an appeal has been submitted.

Hardy’s sentence can be shortened with the completion of a court-ordered program, Person reported.

A Panthers spokesperson said, “We just learned of the verdict and are respectful of the process. We will not have a comment at this time.”

Hardy had no comment on the verdict.


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  • Popeye

    All the Hoodrats true colors come out when they start making that big money beating Women doing drugs carrying guns around. Hoodrat for life!!!

    • WeBuiltThisCountry

      @Popeye.Hardy grew up a Navy kid with both parents serving. He attended private schools until he got recruited to Ole Miss,where he graduated with Honor’s. His guns where purchased legally. What’s your definition of “thug?”

      • FaithC

        WeBuiltThisCountry – He may be all that in the past but he beat a woman and threatened her. That now makes him nothing better than a street thug.

  • b.alex

    Oh gee bet the Panthers are so relieved he only got probation so that he doesn’t miss playing. Maybe they can find and sign a few more just like him and they can travel in a pack and beat up a few more women. Such a positive role model!!!

    • WeBuiltThisCountry

      Are you implying that the Panther’s organization is criminal based???? De’Angelo Williams started the Wear Pink theme in the league,witch raised millions for breast cancer, Can Newton won a award for most community service in the NFL.Creg Olsen goes to Mecklenburg County medical to spend time with the children in pediatric almost every weekend.#CAROLINAPRIDE

      • b.alex

        Not implying that the others on the team whose good deeds in the community be overshadowed by his poor actions but let’s not forget the lessons learned a few years ago from the Rae Carruthers incident. Panthers ought to be done with Hardy in my opinion.

  • Deliverance

    Lets see what happens when he violates his probation once the season starts!!!! Then he better get jail time!

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