NC A&T student dies in car crash, twin brother seeks Drake to sing at funeral

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WILMINGTON, N.C. — The twin brother of a woman who died in a car accident Sunday is attempting to make her dream come true.

A Wilmington man is hoping to get famous rapper, Drake, to play at his twin sister’s funeral.

Jasmin Virginia Grady, 20, was a student at N.C. A&T University in Greensboro. She was killed in a single car accident on N.C. 17 in Hampstead this past weekend, according to WECT.

Her twin brother, Kenneth says that her dream was to have rapper Drake play at her funeral, so he started a hashtag on twitter to spread the word.

By the end of the day on Monday, #DrakeSingForJasmin was trending.

Grady was a passenger in a car that ran off the road and flipped over. She was not wearing a seat belt and was partially ejected from the vehicle, troopers say. The driver of the car, Alencia Wilson, 20, of Jacksonville suffered minor injuries. She’s been charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.

Officials do not believe alcohol or drugs were involved and blood tests on the victims are pending.

Source: WECT


  • Tear Drop

    How does he know his twins dream was to have Drake sing at her funeral? Seems like a way to make someone famous feel like they have to do something and at the same time, have the twin make a name for himself in the process.

  • sinner 3

    N.C. A&T University ! People again, Not to smart not to wear a seat belt, simple really ! Sounds like another A&T sympathy scam or money maker !

  • Money Bags

    Sad to read the story, but typical of the race…..and if he does not show up, the next story will be – Twin brother files discrimination suite against Drake for not playing at his deceased sisters funeral claiming he didnt show up because she was black…lol. A&T – HOORAH!

    • Tracey

      O’h come on. What does race have to do with this. Yes they shouldn’t expect Drake to sing and How did he know it was her dream unless she was still alive and made a dying wish. But again its not about race as much as puplicity or extortion. why do you always have to point out the race. regardless of the color of the skin, we are all part of the human race!!

      • sinner 3

        Not a matter of race,
        Tracy it is just a matter of A&T mindset with the I am owed what ever I ask for mentality !!

  • Maven1z

    Man you guys are just heartless. Way to be jerk offs some one dies and you state the obivous and you point fingers. society as a whole is going to the dogs. Drake if you so happen to read this. Your not obligated to do anything but it would be heart felt by all if you did participate. #OvO 4 life #40 #youngmoneycashmoney

  • Pat Nelson

    Why not have someone come and speak to the attendees @ the funeral about the dangers of not wearing seat belts. Obviously some people need to hear it again.

  • chynadoll 79

    America is so heartless none of the people even care a out the loss of life or bout drake whether he sings or not a life was taken either way be very careful with your words karma does not discriminate & that’s a fact.

  • Ridiculous

    A lot of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Despite of what happened someone lost their life because of someone else’s negligence. I agree to an extent that no entertainer should feel obligated or be extorted, hell it’s one thing to participate in Make a Wish Foundation or something similar of the sort but in no entertainers contact does is it say “must perform at funeral…blah, blah”..So with that being said this shouldn’t be made about race, an A&T scandal, nor an issue about its her fault cause she wasn’t wearing it. If the DRIVER could drive the accident wouldn’t have happened! Common sense 101

    Regardless it’s a tragic she lost her life at 20. No one screams the obvious good things…a young black woman GOING TO A UNIVERSITY doing her thing in school. At least she’s tried to make something of herself. White in the south disgusts me and I’M WHITE.

  • Concerned

    You people are so heartless to make a death about race, A&T, and EBT. A young womans life is now gone and her brother is trying to do something nice because he wants too. They are twins that’s how he knows what she likes duh! Yall all need a little more Jesus in your life. Thats why the world is so bad now. A&T doesnt need to market off a death. The school markets itself. Yall need to get yo life together.

  • Port City Raised

    We are from the same city & she was simply a fan. I so despise social networks and the way they flip things around. What exactly does A&T have to do with anything? Ignorance is bliss. No matter how positive people try to be there will always be someone to find something negative about it. She’s not even alive which makes it even more ridiculous!!

  • dorothy brooks

    you know it is so sad you people don’t have a heart god loves ever one some day you all aill be sorry for the things you have said about this little 20 year ol lady god help her I don’t know her but she is at a better place then we are and God please forgive these people for talking about her and her school it is so sad iam 80 years old back in my days we never thought of talking about some one like this we all ned to pray for each other God bless you all

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