Mark Walker wins GOP runoff for 6th congressional district

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Mark Walker has defeated Phil Berger Jr. in the GOP runoff for the 6th congressional district.

Walker defeated Berger by a margin of 18,871 votes to 12,550 votes, according to unofficial final totals from the State Board of Elections.

Walker now faces a challenge from Democratic primary winner Laura Fjeld in November.

As the race between Berger and Walker drew to a close, the campaign turned particularly negative.

The negativity was evident in the campaign’s only television debate held by Time Warner Cable News in Raleigh.

The candidates’ views on repealing the Affordable Care Act, Immigration and Reducing Taxes were overshadowed by allegations.

Walker repeatedly asked Berger to admit whether or not his father, Phil Berger Sr., funneled $75,000 to a super political action committee to help Berger campaign. Berger called out Walker for linking him to the ethics violations case of Berger v. United State in 1935.

In the May 6 primary, Berger led the nine candidates running for the seat, getting 34.27 percent. A candidate must get more than 40 percent to advance.

Walker finished second, with 25.2 percent of the vote.

The seat has been held by Republican Congressman Howard Coble since 1985.


    • Chucky

      Compared to whom? Compared to Berger, perhaps but I wouldn’t trust either one of them as far as I could throw them. I’m really disappointed in the GOP choices for Dist. 6.

  • sophie

    A word of strong advice for Mr. Walker. NO ‘path to citizenship’ for illegal aliens. I know he said he had changed his opinion from a pro-pathway one to the opposite, but I’m not convinced. I hope he will consider what’s right for NC and the country as a whole instead of giving progressives and illegals what they want.

    • Wally

      How about a “Path to JAIL” for those who HIRE the “undocumented who are here illegally”. If we cut off the source of jobs for these people, the undocumented “illegals” will go home. They don’t come up here to ride the welfare train, they come here to earn a better life for themselves and their families. If they can’t get jobs because the managers and owners of businesses aren’t hiring them, (THEY KNOW THEY ARE ILLEGAL WHEN THEY ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR LOWER THAN MINIMUM WAGE) they will quit coming up here. Corporations are People? Put those Managers/owners/Presidents in JAIL for breaking our immigration laws. Let’s start with places like food processing plants who mostly employ illegals because they are CHEAP. Hiring Managers know if someone comes up for a job and they can’t speak English fluently, they are NOT citizens or holding “green cards”.

      We could do the Christian thing and help these people…

  • Achal

    Congratulations. Hope you will keep the promises made. I strongly support most of your views on on going issues.

  • Frank Bravo

    Must read!!!

    reading the yahoo news report this morning when I was checking my emails online with the title quoted ” Online Rants, Anti Government radicals fuel fear in U.S. Cop Killings” . Does it look like the are priming the public for a false flag attack with a series cop killings being carried out by factions in the US Government ti demonize the opposition?
    Right now we are seeing on a daily basis of Police Brutality of tazering to shooting people for no reason in the news. To add insult to injury when a video tape shows by all common sense showing deadly force was not necessary by the officer and outright criminal the action. The Police Chief justifies the officers actions many times when it was cold blooded murder on video.

    The Anti Defamation League brags they write the reports for Homeland Security labeling veterans, gun owners and patriots as terrorist and a danger to national security. There is no evidence these people are a problem. The ADL brags they train the police officers carrying out their brutality on the public. The same training the Israeli forces use to oppress the Palestinians.

    While we have the ADL training our police to have the public be against them and the possibility of these online rants being government trolls hired to post these comments and content promoting violence against the police on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. We are seeing it in TV programming where the situation is a patriot, the veteran or gun owners as the villain. The Federal government is perceived as the saviors to rescue the country from these people who love liberty. They are working hard to prepare the narrative against the liberty movement as the blame for the violence against the police.

    In the city of Albuquerque New Mexico, the people are incensed with the Police department shooting an unarmed homeless man for no good reason. Following many other incidents of Police shooting disarmed citizens under the shoot first policy the ADL and Homeland security has encouraged law enforcement to follow.

    Can we see a false flag incident happening in Albuquerque due to the public outrage of the Police department’s excessive use of deadly force to blame it on a gun owning vigilante which is probably an agent provocateurs sent out by Homeland security or the FBI to infiltrate the tea party, Patriot and Veteran Second Amendment groups killing cops nationwide as an excuse to confiscate the privately owned firearms by executive orders by the President.

    I see can see the media priming the public’s mind that veterans and the Tea Party are the cop killers to demonize them because the other side has lost all public confidence. I can see a COINTELPRO operation underway to try to stop the awakening of the people to the tyrannical and corrupt government that is getting ready to collapse.

    We are dealing with a desperate establishment that will do anything and everything to stay in power and oppress the people. We must call it out for what it is being a false flag operation. We must wanr the Law enforcement to be careful. Do not be afraid of the patriots and those who love liberty. The police better be afraid of a government that will murder police officer and blame it on their enemies for a bigger agenda to get more power.

    They will blame all the patriot groups, veterans and the Tea Party and public outrage of brutality as the scape goat. When the government might be behind the shootings to grab more power.

    I hope the police will understand before it is too late.

  • BQRealityBites

    Walker BETTER prove himself to be a REAL Conservative. I wavered back and forth about who to vote for and his statements made me think he will be easily swayed to the other side and vote liberally in an effort in his eyes to show he “can reach ot to the other side”. Mark – guess what – we DON’T WANT YOU TO DO SO!!!!! We didn’t send a Republican (if you win the election) because you will do things the Democrats want done – we want you to stand tall and proud for what CONSERVATIVES WANT DONE!!! Trust me – you’ll quickly find your way out of Congress if you betray us because you want to play politics!!!

  • Chucky

    So my question is when can Fjeld take her office because I seriously doubt Mr. Walker has the ability to win this race. Both he and Berger successfully made the GOP look worse than they already did… and this is coming from a life long republican.

  • SINNER 3

    I want a rascist, homophobic, closed minded, and ignorant man who will stand up for the rights of the rich and scared brain washed poor. Also known as a true conservative.

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