East Tennessee toddler saves adult locked in hot car

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- The quick actions of an eastern Tennessee 3-year-old freed a man who was locked inside his car with the sun beating down and temperatures in the 90s, according to WVLT.

Bob King said he had been having problems with his door handle. He sat down in his car parked in a church parking lot Saturday afternoon and found himself trapped inside with the heat quickly rising. King has battled cancer, suffered from strokes and wears a pacemaker.

After being trapped for about five minutes he saw 3-year-old Keith Williams walk by.

"I hollered at him and he just looked at me kind of funny and I said 'Yeah I'm locked in here,'" King said.

Keith ran to his pastor and tugged on his hand.

Pastor Greene said, "I eventually turned around and looked at him and said 'What's going on?' and he said 'Locked, locked!'"

Greene was able to open the car door from the outside and get King out.

"I am very impressed and I'm proud that he would know what to do," said Keith's mother Jessie Williams.

King says he is very thankful for little Keith being there.


  • Patrice Collins

    How sad that a 3 year old is smarter than these parents leaving their child locked in a car.

  • Christina

    Just a little confused here. If he just stopped the car then he had the keys so why didn’t he just start it back up when it got hot, or if in doesn’t have ac roll down the window or even use another door. I’m not understanding why this was such a problem. Bravo though to the little boy for helping him.

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