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‘Dog rescuer’ accused of forgetting dog in hot car, dumping body in lake

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GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A man who says he takes pride in rescuing dogs is facing animal abuse charges after leaving a dog in a hot car then dumping the body into a lake.

Benjamin Hafer, who lives in Georgia with his 75-year-old mother and three dogs, was arrested after neighbors called the police to say Hafer had left a dog in a hot car.

The dog did not survive.

WGCL-TV reported that Hafer said there were “too many dogs in the car” and he didn’t notice one had been left inside for a couple hours.

“I did a terrible thing. It was terrible, horrible accident, my fault. I can’t take it back,” said Hafer He said he rescues many dogs around the neighborhood.

Police said two months ago, they received a report of Hafer leaving another dog in a hot car to die, but he was never charged because there was no evidence.

Hafer said this is the first time it happened. After finding the dog, Hafer said he dumped the dog’s body in the lake in accordance with his religious beliefs.

Hafer was charged with one count of cruelty to animals.

Source: WGCL-TV


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