YVEDDI transportation service for seniors, disabled has not received state funding

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MOUNT AIRY, N.C. -- For the past four months, it's been hard for 64-year-old Mary Wood to get dressed and get out the house.

She wears a prosthetic after her leg was amputated in March.

"I cannot walk up the steps or stand yet by myself," Wood said.

Three times a week, a YVEDDI bus -- a non-profit which offers public transportation to seniors and the disabled -- takes Wood to and from her physical therapy appointments.

"I go outside and they would be out there,” she said. “I drive my wheelchair right up in there."

But on Monday, that bus didn't show up.

Last week, when Wood called to schedule the bus for this week, she was told that she wouldn't be picked up because state funding hadn't come in.

"It made me so angry," she said.

YVEDDI provides low-cost trips to thousands of people per year in Davie, Surry, Stokes and Yadkin counties.

Jeff Cockerham, the director of transportation for YVEDDI, was unavailable for an interview but wrote in an email:

"At this time, we do not have our funding or the amount we will receive for transportation assistance from the state."

In 2011, YVEDDI made 200,000 trips -- a number people like Wood fear will drop if the state doesn't step up.

"We need that bus," Wood said. "We're hurting. I'm not the only one hurting. I'm not the only one."

After FOX8 reached out to YVEDDI, Wood was contacted by the group Monday afternoon. She was told that another type of bus referred to as a connector bus would be able to pick her up and take her to her appointments.


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      So we should let the poor and the elderly die because they cannot get transportation? Can’t wait until you get old…

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