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Scam targeting women who received transvaginal mesh surgery

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MOCKSVILLE, N.C. -- Nancy Walker's phone hasn't stopped ringing since contacting a lawyer in April for representation in legal action against the makers of transvaginal mesh. But the calls are not from her attorney.

"Somehow or another they get my number," said Walker who received calls with offers too good to be true almost weekly. "Offers like if you would drop your lawyer we would send you a check in 3 days for $250,000. I said really?"

Thousands of women across the country are seeking legal action against the manufactures of transvaginal mesh, a device used to help support pelvic organs. The action comes after many women suffered severe complications and the FDA issued warnings.

Walker connected with her attorney after seeing a television advertisement for legal help. The toll-free number in the advertisement connected her with an attorney but how her information got in the hands of others is still unknown.

"They even called over the weekend," said Walker, who questioned the telephone offers from the beginning when the person on the other end wanted $500 up front as a fee. "He even wanted to send his guy to my door."

She contacted her attorney, who confirmed the phone offers are not legitimate and told her to be on guard.

"If you got a lawyer, good," said Walker. "But if you get a call and they don't state they are from a law firm don't do it. It's a scam."‚Äč

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