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Man shot, killed during argument in Rowan Co.

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ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — One man is dead and another is behind bars after a shooting in Rowan County Sunday afternoon.

Investigators say the shooting took place in the suspect’s driveway on Maria Lane in Woodleaf.

Destin Sloan, 22, and Kerry Gray, 39, were arguing around 1 p.m. deputies say Sloan pulled out a gun and shot 39-year-old Gray.

Gray died from his wounds and sheriff’s deputies arrested Sloan.

According to the sheriff’s office website, Sloan is facing murder and drug charges.


  • jennifer barnett

    As a prior neighbor of Destin Sloan, we have contacted the rowan sheriffs office countless times about his drug use and the fact that he is violent and was selling drugs, we have done this for a few years we also complained that he was shooting illegal firearms. Needless to say nothing was ever done. Its sad that it took him murdering someone for them to lock him up and get him off thebstreets

  • thelighthousecrew

    I use to be destin’s youth pastor and knew him well in his younger years. Destin had a good heart. His father failed him and wasn’t there for
    Him . Little
    By little that hurt along with terrible influences can cause anyone down the wrong path. God isn’t finished with Destin yet, I still believe in him. My heart breaks
    For the victim and his
    Family. Praying for all involved.

      • jennifer barnett

        They have charged him with 16 grams of crack cocaine, fire arms and murder from what the sheriff website says, so he will need your god, but the victims family will need justice and I’m sure it will be served

  • jennifer barnett

    Its not all on the blame of the father, people make their own choices, and as a youth you are different then the person you choose to grow up to be I have met his mother and step father who raised him and they are wonderful people, Destin chose this path in his life to become a drug dealer, he has violent charges in his past and has always boasted about how untouchable he is and how he had no problem hurting people, do mi hate he chose this for his life yes, but do I feel sorry for him not one bit because again he chose this no one else, and in turn he took a life and ripped apart two families, his own and his victims family, not to mention the mother of his child and his one year old son. I pray that justice is served, we moved from our home next to him because we found out about his dealing habits and the fact he was always shooting off guns at all hours of the day when my children would be in our own yard playing or at night when they were sleeping,

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