Greensboro-based Industries of the Blind makes new rescue strap for police

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro's Industries of the Blind makes items like parachute bags and athletic apparel for the military. But the manufacturer’s latest creation is going to the Greensboro Police Department's Special Response Team.

"This is another way to help people that are protecting our country and city and we are proud to help save a life," said Industries of the Blind President David LoPresti.

The Greensboro Police Department's Special Response Team was looking for a faster and safer way to rescue an injured officer. Special Response Team Sergeant A. Brown says the team currently uses ropes to help a fallen officer.

"When you are doing things like that we had to use your hands to lift them up and get underneath them. This system, you are hands free for the rest of the time," said Brown.

The system Industries of the Blind created is called a rescue tactical drag strap. One end of the strap is already attached to the officer. The other end can be quickly snapped onto an injured officer. When the connection is made, the fallen officer can be dragged away, leaving an officer’s hands free in case he needs to respond to a continued threat.

"What we will be able to do is walk up to the guy and clip them and he is already hooked in and drag him out of the hot zone" said Brown.

Industries of the Blind made 10 rescue tactical drag straps. Pending Greensboro City Council approval, the straps will be donated to the police department. Industries of the Blind's Project Development Manager Colby Templeton feels the rescue straps could catch on with other police departments.

"It would be great if Asheboro, Raleigh [wanted them]. We are here in Greensboro and you can come and get your tactical straps," said Templeton.