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NC man accused of sexually molesting dog

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jose Vasquez, 46, of Wilmington

WILMINGTON, N.C. — Police have arrested a North Carolina man accused of sexually molesting a dog he found in a parking lot. reported that Jose Vasquez, 46, of Wilmington, has been charged with crimes against nature. He was held on a $250,000 bail.

Authorities said it happened in the early morning hours of July 5 in the parking lot of a Wilmington hotel.

The suspect allegedly found the dog in the parking lot, took the dog into his car and committed the acts.

The dog’s owner found the dog in the car and witnessed the alleged crimes, according to officials.

The dog’s owner reportedly knocked on the window and the suspect jumped out of the car and ran, officials said.

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  • Joseph

    Is he legal, or another of these gate crashers? Either way, something as vile as him just needs a bullet.

    • Dick Tracy

      @ ASK ME IF I CARE
      This is your contribution to this story? Now is a good time to quote what you wrote in the UNC story about the girls coming back from Israel and see how it pertains to what you just wrote.

      Your comments just reinforce how stupid people really are and ignorant. Did any of you finish high school?

      It appears that your own words reinforce how stupid you are…

    • Ken

      Hey phony FaithC! Take a short jump off a tall cliff and take and Sinner3, Ask Me if I care, and Bo Diddley with you. Pathetic troll trash.

    • Iama Retiree

      @ GENEVA – Not too smart signing on using your F/B account – I believe I would change that !

  • Bo Diddley

    Many Africans were dropped off in the islands and now have Hispanican names. Faith has a point, Iooked it up on Wikipedia. This and abusing dogs like Vick did are normal in the African community.

    • Cynthia Clark

      Well they are in the US, that sick behavior is not acceptable.
      Who cares what they can do in their country.

    • A Bi-Submissive's Journey in the Vanilla World

      Seeing as how Africa is a continent made up of many countries, with diverse cultures & ethnicities, your comment is ignorant & racist. Egypt is on the African continent, and in the US their racial category is white. Are you saying it’s common for white people to have sexual relationships with animals? <—-see that is a generalization that is false, kinda like yours….

      • Mike

        Ignorant yes, racist, not really. To be racist, you have to show preference for one race over another. Like the water fountain signs that used to say “whites only”. This sign would be a racist sign. Making an ignorant comment about Africa in and of itself is not racist but some people sure do like to toss the word “racist” around as many times as they can. I imagine if you say it enough times over and over it will become true. I know I am rich. I know I am rich. I know I am rich.

  • LindaSue

    Wow – and they want to let more of these types into our country with no i.d.’s and no background check.
    What a great president we have.

    • T.C

      U Can’t Blame Any Of That On Barack Obama Because Many People Were Coming In The Same Way B4 He Was President…!

    • Carl

      LindaSue….. You must be kidding or just born since we had our first black prez. As I far as I can remember BUSH did absolutely nothing about protecting the borders. Not even after 911!!!!

  • Iama Retiree

    @ FAITHC – According to you everyone posts under your name – You really are a insecure person …
    My suggestion to you since this is a public blog —– —— If you can’t stand the heat, then get the hello fuzzy out of the kitchen !
    Quite frankly, I believe “ole Jose” is your Brother !

  • Teacher Preacher

    WoW are u guys reliving elementary days? Who gives a shit where the mexi come from? The human dog needs to get the hell back on his turf!!!

    • anom

      Brandon are you an IDOT!! or just an A….Hole!! A human doing such a thing to a defenseless animal…hope the B……burns in HELL!!

  • Ken

    A whole lot of you need serious psychiatric help. I have a feeling that most of you are the same person though. Again, pathetic display of humanity here.

  • Facts_are_facts

    It’s safe to say Jose’s version of “doggy style” is a lot different than mine, lol

  • Tom Smith

    Those animals will fk anything that moves, no wonder they are coming out of their countries into ours, like rats deserting a sinking ship.
    He needs to be euthanized, like an aggressive dog.

  • Amy

    Who cares what race he is or what country he is from.He is just sick p.o.s and needs to be put down!! The dog should’ve bit his sorry a – -!!! I feel sorry for the dog.

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