Lexington family warns against the dangers of heroin after son dies from overdose

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Aaron Lineback

HIGH POINT, N.C. — A Lexington family is warning people of the dangers of heroin after their 22-year-old son died of an overdose.

Alta and Christopher Lineback’s son Aaron died on March 9th. The family said he was the seventh person in High Point this year to die of a heroin overdose.

High Point police said there have been 65 heroin overdoses in the city since the start of 2014. Eight of them resulted in deaths. The total amount of deaths for 2013 was 17.

“It’s a disease and I don’t know that there is a cure, but once again somebody’s got to start somewhere,” Christopher Lineback said.

Alta Lineback said her son was clean for 35 days before he relapsed. He was found dead at a home in High Point on March 9.

The family said heroin was only a part of his life for the past year. They said their son was well-loved, a person who wouldn’t give up on anybody. His organs are helping the lives of three others.

The Lineback family hopes the department will create a heroin task force to combat the growing problem in the city.


  • Genesis Castillo

    Your such an idiot!
    the organs were healthy enough to help three other individuals!
    Those three are grateful and thankful…..
    So disrespect
    What if one of those 3 was someone YOU were close to? I bet u wouldn’t be saying then “who wants the organs of a druggie *

  • s

    So much of our youth is being taken by this horrible drug. It is so sad to see such bright teens get brought down by this. My family knew Aaron very well. He was such a sweet young man. He will always be loved and missed!

  • Laura

    I’m so sorry to hear about your son. I, too, lost a son, to a heroin overdose. He was a good kid, but just got in with the wrong crowd of people. He was found dead in his apartment, on June 30, 2009. Even though he was actually my step-son, he was more like a son to me, so I know what you are going through. May God comfort you, during your time of sorrow.

  • Joe

    It’s not a disease it’s hanging with the wrong scum.Their people who’s families enable them I know this personally. When you hang around scum you become just like them

    • Grave

      No , it is a disease . Most people get hooked on pain pills first. Then when their pill habit gets too expensive they turn to heroin because it is cheaper. The only scum is you. There are addicts everywhere from doctors,musicians , politicians , chefs, etcetera all the way down the line. You are a sad blind soul.

  • Kay A Cecil

    Joe.. such a harsh comment for someone you don’t even know. I’ve seen addiction first hand up close and personal. Some are better at hiding it than others and yes, sometimes families do enable their family members only because they are in denial that their loved one is addicted. But until you’ve actually walked down that path of being addicted, please try having a little more compassion for those fighting this disease. We all have our demons, including you. Some are just better at fighting those demons than others. This family has suffered a tragic loss.. they should be held close and comforted in their time of loss

    • sinner 3

      OK Kay ! For one thing if you make a choice to poison yourself that is not a disease! The damage done to those who care about an addict is a terrible waste of time and resources !

      • s

        Anyone who has dealt with heroin addiction knows that at first yea you make that very first choice to “try” the drug. The part that ignorant people fail to understand is that most of our youth have no clue that after that first time it is not easy to get off. You are deathly sick from withdrawals. Your entire body hurts. You can’t control your body at that point. It does become a horrible disease. I know this first hand. I have seen it in my family. Ask these people if they want to be on heroin and they will tell you no. Teens are very vulnerable and don’t have a clue as to what they are getting themselves into!

      • ncturd

        Sinner3 or the multiple other names he uses doesn’t understand addiction or anything else really. He is a sad mentally unhealhty person that has an addicton to writing things that he thinks hurts people. He does not understand that all he does is hurt himself with the wasted time and “thoughts” spent on chasing his dragon.

      • Kay A Cecil

        I would post a longer reply to your comment Sinner 3.. but it would be an exercise in futility to try to explain addiction to someone as ignorant as yourself

    • sandra

      Our dear old friend aaron lineback was one of the best peoe you could ever meet…regaurdless of what went on in his life he was always thinkin of sumone else first…he was loved by many…addiction is a disease…the brain believes it needs the drug to function…his family is speaking out…they may not be able to help thier son but how many others could they reach before its to late

    • Grave

      And I hope karma throws you under a bus for those hateful comments. One of those deaths was a good friend to me , a coworker , a son , a husband ,and a dad to two beautiful little girls. It’s so sad seeing those little girls knowing they will never get to see their dad again.

  • tara

    He was a dear friend he is missed I do hope the people that are selling this pay big time if not by law by god

  • Joe

    Here’s The sad fact most of the people on here that liked Arron who are supposed be great friends with him never help him out a bit. Friends like you who needs enemies. You had a chance to help Arron and do nothing. You could’ve told his parents you could’ve told the cops you could’ve told you teachers etc. etc. etc. but you didn’t.You knew the
    Junkie who was giving him the stuff. And you know the dope dealers. You know friends that I want to have. Remember that next time your friend need help. It’s a choice not a disease and by you being silent you’re just as guilty as a junkie given the stuff out tell someone if you care about the user your so called friend. Truth hurts

    • Kay A Cecil

      ahhh Joe… so pathetic… if you knew so much about the situation, then why didn’t you help? Where were you? You say you know the dealer.. so why didn’t YOU call the police to turn him in? When you understand the nature of addiction and post a comment proving so, then I’ll take anything you post a little more seriously. Until then, you need to step back, take a deep breath and learn something about addiction.. oh and also have some compassion for this family.. they lost someone very dear to them.

  • JWS

    Unless anyone of you people have suffered from a opiate addiction likemyself have no idea. how hard it is. It IS a disease. It is not something that you canjust stop cold turkey. It is a physical dependence that your body MUST have in order toto function with normal day activities. You have no right to call anyone scrum suffering from addiction. YOU are the scrum for be so degrading and judgemental. Only God can judge anyone. What makes you so special to think you can pass juddgement? My heart goes out to this family even tho I fight the same battle there son did, everyday.

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