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Flash flooding makes mess in NC mall

Flash flooding makes mess in NC mall

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Flash flooding made a mess inside the Asheville mall on Thursday, according to WLOS-TV.

Mall management said a clogged storm drain caused water to back up in a hallway and seep into several stores.

It happened in the late afternoon when the mall was busy with shoppers.

“When I looked to my left it was like a river… it was brown, nasty, smelly water,” said Alysson Ralston.

Ralston was shopping with her friend Kristy Ondak when the flooding happened.

“It smelled like a sewer, like stagnant sewer water,” Ondak said.

Mall management said they spent Thursday afternoon and evening cleaning up the water. They say a few stores had to close temporarily but will be back open on Friday.


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